New Balance was collectively accused by consumers of false advertising of “American-made” shoes | HYPEBEAST

New Balance’s “MADE IN THE USA” shoes have always been a big selling point. Better quality and texture make consumers willing to spend more expensive prices. However, this time there are many consumers in the United States collectively The brand filed a lawsuit, arguing that the so-called American system is false advertising.

The plaintiffs include Matthew Cristostomo, Anthony Bollini, Spencer Verrilla, Derrick Evans, Clifton Bradley and Robert Kaminsky. They claim to include the American flag on the tongue, the words MADE IN THE USA, the slogan on the shoe, and the “made in the US for over 75 years.” The description, such as New Balance’s advertised US system, misled consumers because its standards did not meet federal statutory standards.

It also mentioned that as many as 30% of the parts of New Balance shoes are imported overseas or made with foreign labor, and the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) statutory “American” standard must be “all or almost all” made in the United States , “All important parts and processing of the product must come from the United States.”

In addition, the plaintiff also pointed out that it is not enough for New Balance to attach a disclaimer on the official website and shoe packaging, because in most cases, consumers are willing to pay a premium mainly for the US-made products. If these products are not US-made, the brand will lose these. customer. This lawsuit was formally filed this Monday, and there is no official ruling yet. Interested readers may wish to pay more attention.


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