New Brunswick judge stands with the results of the election in Saint John riding

New Brunswick judge stands with the results of the election in Saint John riding

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Published Friday, 23 August, 2019 1:07 PM ADT

Last Updated Friday, 23 August, 2019 10:28 AM ADT

The judge of New Brunswick has dismissed the results of last year's election in St John's Harbor.

Last September, Liberal candidate Gerry Lowe won the 10 votes over the progressive keeper Barry Ogden.

A supported the initial results, but Ogden applied for irregularities.

Some of the irregularities documented included forms that were not signed by election staff and unsuccessful voters to remove their names from forms after they had voted.

Lowe says that he is happy with the decision and hopes that the story can be persuaded.

"I'm glad it is around," he said Friday.

Lowe says that the decision causes a cloud of uncertainty.

"I think the whole thing wasn't there" Gerry Lowe was cheated, but the Brunswick New Elections didn't do a good job. # 39; But I was still trapped in the fire because that doubt was always there. "

In a statement, Ogden says that the decision was not expected, but he believes "as a result we will see improvements to our electoral system."

Ogden alleged 71 voting irregularity, including 28 people who filled the wrong paperwork.

But Judge Hugh McLellan said: "Having considered the limited evidence, Mr Ogden did not comply with his probability to establish that any of those 28 people voted when they were not entitled to do so". . "

Many people welcomed Lowe riding before the end of the court case.

"This is a long time feeling as it is under the microscope, and it was a pity that there was such a close result," said community organizer Penny Eisenhauer.

Mary Lesage, who is a South End Citizens Group, was also pleased.

"Whether it was ten votes for 110 votes or 1010 votes, it was always our MLA," Lesage said. "He acted like it and that's how we spent it."

With files from Mike Cameron and the Canadian Press.


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