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Original title: Ex-Belgium coach Martinez appointed Portugal coach (excerpt)

New coach: should Ronaldo be recruited to see performance (topic)

Beijing YouthZhang Kunlong

On the evening of the 9th, the Portuguese Football Association officially announced that the former coach of the Belgian national team Roberto Martinez will be the coach of the Portuguese national team. The Spanish coach was also present at the inauguration conference as soon as possible, and said that whether Ronaldo can still be selected for the national team depends on his performance.

Martinez was born in 1973, and served as a midfielder in the players’ era. He has played for Wigan Athletic and Swansea and other British teams, but there are not many bright moments in his career. After starting his coaching career at Swansea, he continued to improve step by step, and finally became the coach of the Belgian national team in 2016.

In the last 6 years, he has led the European Red Devils to a total of 56 wins, 13 draws and 11 losses. He won third place in the 2018 World Cup and reached the quarter-finals of the European Cup last year. in the recently concluded World Cup in Qatar, Belgium His performance was sluggish, and he was eliminated at the end of the group stage, and he left after the team ended the World Cup tour.

At the same time, after the Portuguese team lost to Morocco in the 2022 World Cup, they also sent away their worthy coach Santos. Although there were many people interested in this position, the Portuguese Football Association finally chose Martinez who had just left Belgium. According to the schedule, this year the Portuguese national team will compete for four qualifiers for the European Cup 2024, which will face Liechtenstein (March 23), Luxembourg (March 26), Bosnia (June 17) and Iceland (6 20 ).

At the inauguration press conference, the first question he was asked was: would he continue to recruit Ronaldo, who had already played in the Saudi League, to which Martinez gave his own answer: “My decision is to see the performance on the field, the 26 players taking part in the Qatar World Cup is the basis of my choice, and Ronaldo is one of them.”

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