New Condo Projects in Samrong Fuelled by MRT Yellow Line Opening

New Opportunities in Samrong with MRT Yellow Line Expansion

The opening of the MRT Yellow Line has brought new possibilities to the Samrong area, making it a more attractive location for both residents and investors. To cater to the growing demand, the renowned developer Sena Kith Samrong Exchange is set to launch their latest project on September 9th.

The project offers a total of 490 units across 2 buildings, with an average of more than 200 units per building. With a focus on convenience, the entrance and exit of the car park are located on Sukhumvit Road, providing easy accessibility. Additionally, there is a convenient route through Soy Thepharak 4 that connects to the MRT Yellow Line, allowing residents to travel effortlessly.

For those relying on public transportation, the project is within walking distance of both BTS Samrong (exit) and MRT Samrong, with a distance of approximately 430 meters and 400 meters respectively, taking just around 10 minutes on foot.

When it comes to unit options, Sena Kith offers 1-bedroom units, with sizes ranging from 23 square meters to 34 square meters for those in need of extra space. The average price is approximately 70,000 baht per square meter.

Following in the footsteps of Sena Kith, the Flexible Samrong Exchange project is a high-rise development comprising of 917 units across 37 floors, with parking facilities making up about 42% of the project. Although the prices are slightly higher, the central location and improved specifications make it a worthwhile investment.

Sena Development has truly outdone themselves with these projects, offering affordable options for everyone. Located near the BTS – Imperial Samrong, prospective buyers can visit the Sales Gallery on the Metropolis side of the condo for more information.

After the opening of the MRT Yellow Line, the location of Samrong has recently become more attractive. Sena Kith Samrong Exchange Preparing to give birth, open for sale on the first day on September 9, the average price of a million is considered during, not everyone is difficult to access, the two real demands, find a condo on the Sukhumvit BTS line or work in the Samrong, Paknam, Thepharak area, as well as an investor, is brought to rent at a rate of about 7,000- 8,000 baht per month, enough to go

Sena Kith Samrong Exchange It is a Low project with 2 buildings, 490 units, with facilities and parking for about 42% The plan is not complex, with an average of more than 200 units per building. The entrance-exit of the car goes in from Sukhumvit Road, but there is a way out. Soy Thepharak 4 to get on the MRT Yellow Line, same distance, people staying at Flexi, tall buildings can also enter and exit this way

Walking distance from BTS Samrong (exit) about 430 meters and MRT Samrong 400 meters, not far, about 10 minutes walk.

Units like other Sena Kit, focus on sales. 1 bedroom (23 square meters) The biggest, besides that, 1-Bedroom (26 square meters) and 1-Bed Plus 34 square meters For people who want more space, the average price is around 70,000 baht / square meter.

for Flexible Samrong Exchange Launched after Sena Kith, this project is a High-Rise, 37 floors, 917 units, about 42% parking, the same entrance-exit according to the segment The Flexi brand is close to Niche, so the price is more expensive. (Expected about 8x,xxx baht / square meter), but the central area got better unit specifications as well.

It is considered a major project by Sena Development. The price is not difficult for everyone. Not far from the BTS – Imperial Samrong If you are interested, check out the Sales Gallery on the Metropolis side of the condo.

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