New Corona epidemic in Zhejiang, China, 20 listed companies shut down | Reuters

A new coronavirus epidemic in eastern Zhejiang Province, China, has shut down at least 20 listed companies as part of infection control measures. Photograph of materials, taken on the 14th (2021 Reuters / Aly Song)

[Shanghai, 14th Reuters]–At least 20 listed companies have stopped operations as part of infection control measures due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus in Zhejiang Province, eastern China.

Production of batteries, dyes, plastics, etc. has stopped. Many products are for export.

Tens of thousands of citizens have been quarantined in the province, and some flights have been suspended. Several sporting events have been cancelled.

Infections are spreading “at a relatively rapid pace” in the cities of Ningbo, Shaoxing and Hangzhou, health officials said over the weekend.

The number of people infected in the city (excluding asymptomatic infected people) reported on the 13th by the ministry is 44. Since the first infection was confirmed on the 6th of this month, a total of 217 cases have been reported. Prior to that, only one community-acquired person was reported earlier this year.

Zhejiang Noma Battery, Guobang Medicine Group, and Zhejiang leap soil announced the suspension of operations on the 14th.

Of these, Zhejiang Noma Battery is expected to stop the spread of the infection in the very near future, and said that the suspension of operations will be a temporary measure and “will not have a long-term adverse effect on the company’s growth.” ..

Zhejiang Runtu said that all its subsidiaries in the Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone, which accounts for 95% of sales, have been shut down since the 9th of this month, which will have a negative impact on the fourth quarter financial results.

Household Technology, Zhongxing Fluorine Material, Akimori Kiden, Fengryu Hun, etc. have also stopped operations.