New coronavirus, next mutation may be highly pathogenic – South African study – Bloomberg

A South African study that used novel coronavirus samples from immunocompromised patients found that the virus became more pathogenic as it mutated. It has been suggested that if a new mutant appears, the symptoms may be worse than the current common Omicron strain.

A study led by Professor Alex Segal of the African Health Research Institute (AHRI) found that six months of observation of samples taken from patients infected with the AIDS virus (HIV) initially revealed that the virus was the strain Omicron BA. 1 “, but as it mutated, this level increased to the point where it was similar to the original virus found in Wuhan, China. Last year the Durban Institute tested the effectiveness of a vaccine against the Omicron strain.

It has been suggested that the new coronavirus pathogen may continue to mutate, and that emerging mutant strains may have higher virulence and mortality rates than Omicron strains with relatively mild symptoms. This study has not yet been peer reviewed and is based solely on experimental results using samples taken from a single patient.

“This suggests that mutation of the new coronavirus in long-term infection may not necessarily lead to attenuation,” the researchers explained in a report published on the 24th. “We believe this suggests that future mutant strains may be more pathogenic than the Omicron strain currently circulating.”

Original title:Next Covid-19 Strain May Be More Dangerous, Lab Study Shows (抜粋)

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