new covid restrictions in qatar: new restrictions in qatar from Friday; Mask made mandatory everywhere

Doha, Qatar The cabinet meeting, chaired by Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdul Aziz Al Thani, decided to tighten Kovid restrictions again from Friday.

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Masks must be worn everywhere

One of the key decisions of the cabinet meeting was to make it mandatory to wear a mask in open and closed spaces from Friday. Exemptions for masquerade concessions are granted only to those who engage in outdoor sports and training. Conferences, exhibitions and events held in the open air should be limited to a maximum of 75% of the capacity of the venue. In closed spaces only a maximum of 50 per cent of the capacity can be attended. In addition, 90 percent of those who come here must be vaccinated. Those who have been partially vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated at all should have a PCR or antigen Kovid test approved by the Ministry of Health.

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Prior permission must be obtained to conduct events

Another condition is that prior permission of the Ministry of Health is required to organize events such as conferences, exhibitions and events. Kovid code of conduct and regulations must be strictly adhered to in all programs as prescribed by the Ministry of Health. Relevant agencies, including the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Home Affairs, must ensure that Kovid regulations are adhered to in the program. The cabinet meeting also said that the new regulations would come into effect from Friday, December 31.

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About 50 percent of hospital services are online


The Primary Health Care Corporation has decided to minimize the number of people arriving at hospitals in anticipation of the new Kovid wave. As part of this, it has been decided to shift 50 per cent of the services in various medical departments to online. Fifty percent of family medicine models, allied health and specialty services provide treatment directly and fifty percent online.

Half of the services in the dental department will be online. At the same time, the entire case will be treated directly in the pediatric ward. ‘Smart’ nursing assessment services will no longer be available online until further notice, officials said.

Treatment will be available through video and telephone calls at all hospitals under the PHCC. Community call centers will continue to operate. Services are also available on the NARA and mobile app, which focus on health care. Vaccination services will remain the same. Hamad Corporation officials added that swab inspections at drive-through centers will be available from 4pm to 11pm.

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Kovid daily cases again

The rate of daily Kovid positive cases in the country has gone up again. On Wednesday, 443 people were newly diagnosed with the disease. Of these, 126 were passengers and the rest were infected through contact. This brings the total number of active covid cases in the country to 3,443. So far, 2,49,245 Kovid cases have been reported in the country. But no new Kovid deaths were reported on Wednesday. Of the new Kovid cases, 58 were admitted to hospitals on Wednesday. Since the launch of the vaccination campaign in the country, 5,182,058 vaccine doses have been distributed. In the country, 86.2 per cent have taken two doses of the vaccine. 254,963 people have already received the booster dose, officials said.



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