New crown, flu, RSV three epidemics hit California, North Carolina reported the first child died of flu complications | Taiwan English News | 2022-11-03 10:49:00

(Taiwan English News / Zhu Mingzhu Comprehensive Foreign News Report) The three epidemics of new crown pneumonia, influenza and respiratory fusion virus (RSV) have broken out, and the epidemic situation in the United States has reached a situation where California and North Carolina are discontinued. bad news was reported one after another this week, and some children have unfortunately died from flu complications.

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WRAL-TV, ABC News 4, The News & Observer reported that the California and North Carolina Departments of Health and Human Services confirmed Monday and Wednesday, respectively, that the state recorded its first child death this year from complications of the flu, especially in North Carolina. This case is the first since 2020. However, due to privacy, the health unit has not released other information such as the age and gender of the cases.

The new crown pneumonia epidemic (COVID-19) has been raging around the world for almost three years. Since this year, countries have successively announced that they will coexist with the virus and have begun to relax border controls, lifting the ban on masks and other epidemic prevention measures Every infectious disease that has not caused a pandemic in these years has come back, including influenza, RSV, enterovirus, adenovirus and parainfluenza.

With the arrival of winter, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has not ended, and it has entered a good period for influenza and RSV. Many hospitals in several states in the United States are crowded with “three epidemic” patients. . There are more than 1,800 flu cases nationwide, with nearly 100 people hospitalized, according to a California health unit count last week.

Influenza and RSV cases in North Carolina have also increased significantly from the same period in previous years. 210 cases of the flu were reported at University Hospital in Chapel Hill last week, double the number from the previous week, according to the University of North Carolina Health Care. The total number of RSV cases also increased to 244, two-thirds of which were children. Duke University Medical Center received 155 flu patients during the last week of October, but only 31 during the previous week.

Meanwhile, WakeMed, a large hospital campus, had 656 flu cases in the last week of October, a 300% jump from the previous week; 157 other new RSV cases.

Public health experts have warned that while most cases of COVID-19, flu and RSV have only mild symptoms, when the “three epidemics” hit at the same time, millions of people could be sick and hospitals will be overwhelmed. Therefore, we call on the public to be vaccinated as soon as possible, especially for high risk groups. Although the new crown and flu vaccine cannot prevent 100% infection, they can still reduce the risk of serious illness and death.

Experts remind that, in view of several infectious diseases at the same time, it is already expected that this winter will be very difficult. As well as reminding eligible people to be vaccinated as soon as possible, they should also establish good personal hygiene habits , including washing hands with soap and water, sneezing and coughing Cover with toilet paper when you are sick, and recover at home when you are sick or have a fever to avoid spreading the virus.

New crown, flu, RSV three epidemics hit California, North Carolina reports first child death from flu complications

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