New crown pneumonia|News: Initially confirmed that Cathay Pacific employees returned to Hong Kong on the third day and infected Omicron colleagues at The Iron Fairies & Co in Central (11:12)-20211231-Hong Kong News-Real Time News

Cathay Pacific crew members continue to be accused of going out in violation of epidemic prevention requirements. It is reported that yesterday (December 30), the 47-year-old male crew member of Cathay Pacific who was initially diagnosed with the new coronavirus, returned to Hong Kong from the United States on the third night of arrival, that is, on December 27, with his colleagues who carried the Omicron variant virus strain. (Case 12610), go to The Iron Fairies & Co, a bar in Central. Before going to the bar that night, the initially confirmed employee had visited another restaurant in Central, Pici (G/F, 24-26 Aberdeen Street).


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