New crown pneumonia | 112 more confirmed cases today in Room D, Block 6, Regent Gardens, an additional preliminary positive case for Zhang Jingxuan’s concert (16:48)-20201210-Hong Kong News-Real Time News

Zhang Zhujun, director of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health, said that there was an initial positive case in Regent Garden this afternoon. They were also the middle and high-rise residents of Block D in Block 6, and they were the current cases on a new floor of the block; King Cheung’s concert group added one In the case of unknown origin, the person entered the concert on November 29.

Some group cases:

.A total of 3 confirmed cases were confirmed in the community quarantine facilities of AsiaWorld-Expo. Some patients were family members of employees. A total of 16 cases in the cluster

.5 more confirmed cases in Yatian Department Store and Supermarket in Sha Tin, which were the initial confirmed cases announced yesterday (9th), and a total of 10 people in the group were infected

.Tseung Kwan O-Lam Tin Tunnel site adds 7 cases, and a total of 8 people in the group are infected

.There are 5 additional cases at the Lohas Park Phase 9 site. The patients are site employees and their families. Together with the Kai Tak site, the group has a total of 57 cases

Some confirmed cases:

. The cleaner at the quarantine center is a case related to the singing and dancing group. He has no symptoms. The test result was negative earlier; the employee steadily tested again and the result was positive.Several employees who have been with each other during work must be quarantined

. The students of Tszyunshan Deai Middle School felt unwell since December 5, and went back to school for exams on December 7, during which they wore masks.The school must suspend classes and all teachers and students must be tested

. The teacher of Leung Chik Wai Memorial Secondary School of Lok Sin Tong, Tsing Yi, was last back to school on December 8. He felt unwell on the same day.The school must suspend classes and all teachers and students must be tested

. A resident of the Kengtou Fukang Nursing Home in Sheung Shui Kung Tau was diagnosed yesterday. The patient was recently transferred from the Qin Shi halfway dormitory to the home and lived with two to three residents. The relevant residents must be quarantined.The Centre for Health Protection has distributed sample bottles to residents of Hang Tau Fu Hong Nursing Home and Qin Shek Halfway House

Coronavirus Correlation Report:

Zhang Zhujun: If there are cases in 4 unfamiliar units in the same building, a mandatory inspection order may be issued

Yuan Guoyong urges citizens to check the sewers if they smell “toilet smell” at home with detergent or liquid soap

CUHK Research: Sampling of nose strips is more accurate than deep throat saliva to find false negatives


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