New crown pneumonia | 3 imported confirmed two people with variant virus have been vaccinated with two doses (14:31)-20211128-Hong Kong News-Real Time News

Among the newly confirmed cases, an 80-year-old male patient arrived in Hong Kong from Canada via flight CX829 on November 24, and then stayed at the Metropark Hotel in Kowloon, Homantin, with the L452R variant virus, and had received two doses of Fubital vaccine in Canada; Another 37-year-old male patient arrived in Hong Kong from Nigeria via Ethiopia on flight ET608 on November 24, and stayed at the Ramada Hotel in North Point. He carried the N501Y variant virus and had been vaccinated with two doses of Modena vaccine in Nigeria; the other The 38-year-old male patient arrived in Hong Kong from Qatar via flight QR818 on November 24.

Coronavirus Pneumonia Report ︰

British Airways personnel confirmed in Hong Kong and quarantine of fellow passengers, four flights to and from London have been cancelled today

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