New Crown Vaccine|71-year-old man died after being vaccinated with Kexing Vaccine and has no previous medical history (18:59)-20210308-Hong Kong News-Real Time News

Kong Fanyi and Li Zhuoguang, the co-convener of the Expert Committee on Evaluation of New Coronary Vaccine Clinical Events, said at a press conference today (8th) that the 71-year-old male patient involved had no major medical history except for thyroid problems many years ago. He was at a private doctor on March 3 He was vaccinated with Kexing vaccine and passed away in a public hospital on March 8. Li Zhuoguang pointed out that the patient died within a short period of time after admission. The hospital has referred the case to the coroner for follow-up. The expert committee can only conduct a causality assessment after a report.

New crown vaccine related reports:

12 Fubitai Vaccination Centers will be available for appointment from March 9th, 7 new priority groups will be established

93,000 people have received the first dose of vaccine

Diabetes elders who had been hit by Kexing and were in critical condition. Cardiovascular disease occurred after 5 days of vaccination, and had an injection. Diabetes complications appeared on the next day.

The number of vaccinators dropped by 26%. Appointment to the department and BioNTech to increase the number of patients: It is “impractical” for chronically ill patients to seek medical treatment beforehand


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