New Crown Vaccine|Liu Yulong: Whether you will still be infected with Omicron and the virus coexist with the booster dose, the universal vaccination will reduce the mortality rate (18:27) – 20220115 – Hong Kong News – Instant News

Liu Yulong said that the society must learn to focus on preventing severe death is the direction to get out of the pandemic. The main premise of coexisting with the virus is to increase the vaccination rate to the whole population, so as to reduce the mortality rate of the new crown virus from the original two percentage points to 1,000. In this way, the medical system will not be overwhelmed, social and economic activities will have a chance to return to normal, and Hong Kong will have the conditions to turn the pandemic into an endemic disease. He said he hoped that another 300,000 seniors over the age of 70 would receive the first dose of the new crown vaccine before the Lunar New Year to deal with the risk of large-scale transmission of Omicron in the community in the coming weeks.

Corona virus related reports:

Nie Dequan: It is planned to open next week for children aged 5 to 11 to play Kexing after the Lunar New Year and set up a special center for children to play Fubitai

5 positive cases in Hong Kong, 2 local infections, 4 suspected to bring Omicron to Tsing Yi, cabin cleaner Chu Yang

5 places are subject to compulsory testing, Hysan Plaza Food Court, KFC in Tsing Yi City, etc. 4 places are listed as high-risk[A list of high-risk places is attached]


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