New crown variant Omicron|Hong Kong adds 8 Omicron cases and accumulates 27 cases of quarantine. Additional testing for hotel residents in adjacent rooms of confirmed cases (20:03)-20211221-Hong Kong News-Real Time News

In view of the fact that some Omicron cases were diagnosed during the quarantine period of designated quarantine hotels, the Center for Health Protection arranged for residents who stayed in adjacent and opposite rooms with Omicron cases to be tested daily until the seventh day after the case left the hotel; they stayed in the relevant hotel room at the same time but have already Residents who have completed the quarantine are required to undergo additional testing in the community as soon as possible. The center recommends that they avoid gatherings until the 7-day additional monitoring period is completed. The Centre for Health Protection also requested the relevant hotels to implement additional infection control and surveillance measures.

Coronavirus Pneumonia Report:

The nurse of Castle Peak Hospital initially diagnosed that before leaving Hong Kong, he had been in charge of the ward at the end of last month and stopped accepting new cases.

Government buildings and office premises will be launched in mid-February next year. Vaccine bubbles will be launched. Government employees will not be allowed to enter unless they present their vaccination certificates.

Hong Kong adds 8 imported and confirmed all variants of the virus, 7 people have been tested for N501Y and 3 vaccines have been given

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