New crown variant Omicron|The number of antibodies in the two Omicron patients who have beaten Bitai has increased by 10 times. Yuan Guoyong: Reflecting that the vaccine still works (18:40)-20211201-Hong Kong News-Instant News

Material Omicron’s transmission power exceeds Delta

Yuan Guoyong pointed out that the two patients who were diagnosed during the quarantine at the Regal Airport Hotel had both received two doses of mRNA vaccines. The symptoms of the two patients were mild, and their blood antibodies to spike protein were 10 times higher within a few days. The system has a good memory, allowing patients to encounter the Omicron variant virus, and it can still play some role. He also analyzed that the two cases did not contact, meet, or even opened the door, but the virus was still able to spread, which proved to be airborne. He concluded that the transmission power of Omicron might be higher than that of the Delta variant virus.

Yuan Guoyong added that he is currently negotiating with mainland vaccine companies to see how they can help the company manufacture vaccines to face the global pandemic.

When asked whether the current epidemic prevention measures are adequate, Yuan Guoyong said that no matter what method is used, there is no way to achieve complete dripping. He described that Hong Kong has done a good job at present, which means that the method is effective. Fight (vaccine), there will be a chance to spread.” He also said that the elderly vaccination rate is low. If you want to increase the protection rate, more elderly people must be vaccinated. Those who receive the first two shots of Kexing vaccine must get the third shot. When asked whether the Omicron epidemic will affect customs clearance, he believes that whether or not customs can pass depends on the number of epidemic cases in the two places.

He reiterated that at present, everyone does not know much about Omicron, so he agrees that the Director of Food and Health Chen Zhaoshi said that epidemic prevention should “should be tight and not easy. Always buy insurance, be stricter, and see the situation clearly.”

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