New crown virus: the latest variant of Omicron (Omicron) What is the latest development and what we know? -BBC News Chinese

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The latest and most severely mutated strain of the new crown virus has spread in South Africa and aroused global attention. The British authorities designated it as a mutant strain under investigation. Many governments quickly adopted anti-epidemic measures such as travel restrictions. Major stock markets in various regions heard the news. Plummet.

Latest progress

South African doctor Dr Angelique Coetzee told the BBC that the patients she has seen so far have “very mild symptoms”, but she said it will take more time to know whether it will cause more vulnerable people. Severe symptoms.

On two flights from South Africa to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, 13 people have been tested to carry the Omikeron strain. In addition, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Botswana, the Czech Republic, Israel and Hong Kong have also successively found Omi Kejon infected persons.


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