New Direct Flight Service Connects Thiruvananthapuram to London, Simplifying Travel for Malayalees in the UK

Good News for Malayalees in the UK: Direct Flights from Kerala to London

Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, is set to witness a landmark moment for its residents residing in the United Kingdom. Offering convenience and efficiency, daily direct flights from Thiruvananthapuram to London’s Heathrow Airport will soon be available on a single ticket. Scheduled to commence operations from the 12th of next month, this direct flight service will connect the two cities while making a stopover in Mumbai.

Prior to this development, Malayalees in the UK had to undertake the arduous task of flying to Mumbai or Delhi before embarking on their journey to the UK. Alternatively, some passengers from Kerala would opt for long layovers in foreign airports such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi, which added unnecessary complications to their travel plans. However, with the introduction of this direct flight service, Malayalis will be relieved of the hassle and be able to embark on their UK adventure seamlessly on a single ticket.

Enhanced Collaboration: IndiGo and British Airlines

Signifying a milestone in aviation collaboration, IndiGo and British Airlines have entered into a significant memorandum of understanding. This agreement enables both airlines to engage in code sharing, a practice where airlines jointly operate routes they do not primarily serve. By joining forces, these reputed carriers aim to further enhance connectivity and convenience for travelers between Kerala and the UK.

With the advent of this direct flight service, Malayalees living in the UK can look forward to a smoother travel experience. Whether it is for reunions, business endeavors, or leisurely visits, the commencement of these direct flights opens up new possibilities for seamless travel between Thiruvananthapuram and London. This development undoubtedly strengthens the bond between Kerala and the UK, fostering stronger connections among communities.

Thiruvananthapuram: Good news for Malayalees in UK. There are daily direct flights from Kerala to the UK. The opportunity is to travel from Thiruvananthapuram to Heathrow Airport in London on a single ticket. The flight service will start from the 12th of next month. The service will run through Mumbai.

Earlier, Malayalees had to reach Mumbai and Delhi airports to fly to the UK. Alternatively, people from Kerala used to fly to the UK by arriving at foreign airports like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With the advent of direct flight service, Malayalis will be able to travel on a single ticket.

A memorandum of understanding has been signed between IndiGo and British Airlines for this. The two airlines have signed a code sharing agreement. Codeshares are agreements with other airlines that operate routes they do not serve.

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