New domestic brand ‘Shaklara’ appeared as Park Yeon-jin’s luxury bag in ‘The Glory’ |

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Netflix – Courtesy of The Glory

[스타데일리뉴스=천설화 기자] While the Netflix original series ‘The Glory’, which was released on the 10th, is causing global craze, attention is also focused on Park Yeon-jin’s (Lim Ji-yeon) elegant fashion.

In the drama, Park Yeon-jin carries various luxury bags, such as Gucci’s Sylvie Bag, Dionysus, Lady Dior Bag, Off-White’s Jitney, and Shaklara’s Angel Bag and Atclutch.

Among them, the Shaklara Angel Bag and Atclutch are unique butterfly-shaped bags that appear in all of Park Yeon-jin’s important scenes, catching the attention of many female viewers.

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Netflix – Courtesy of The Glory

Shaklara said, “Thanks to the popularity of The Glory, it went out of stock twice and is currently in the process of being restocked. As it has quickly emerged as a hot topic brand with ‘Park Yeon-jin bag’ and ‘Myeongpung bag’, we intend to put our heart and soul into successful branding in the future, and we will have our rebirth as a leading brand. the growth of K fashion with aspirations to enter foreign markets in the future.”

On the other hand, The Glory is gaining popularity by recording huge buzz and ratings, such as rising to No. 1 in 42 countries including Korea, New Zealand, Brazil and Thailand within 10 days after the release of Part 2 on the 10th. The Glory is available to watch on Netflix.


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