“New Drugs Successfully Solved Blindness” by Polaris Pharmaceutical!The stock price reached 215 yuan in the opening gap and attacked the daily limit

Report by Correspondent Dai Yuxiang/Taipei

The third phase of the new drug “Lung Mesothelial Carcinoma” Polaris Pharmaceuticals managed to solve the blindness. (Photo/Photo by reporter Wu Kangwei)

Polaris Pharmaceuticals-KY (6550) was suspended from trading yesterday (21) and held a press conference for re-information. In the afternoon, Chairman Chen Hongwen announced that the third stage of the new drug for mesothelial lung cancer successfully! Incentive opened today (22) to break the daily limit, the stock price reached 215 yuan, and the number of entrusted purchases reached 26,000.

Polaris Pharmaceuticals-KY (6550) announced on the 21st the results of a global multi-center, multi-country Phase III clinical trial of its new drug for the treatment of mesothelial lung cancer (ADI-PEG20) in development, according to the results from unblinded data, showing that the main efficacy index was the extension of lung cancer Overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival rates of patients with mesothelial carcinoma were statistically significant, and the unblinding was officially declared successful .

Polaris Pharmaceuticals said the ADI-PEG 20 developed by the company is different from chemotherapy, targeted and immunotherapy currently used by most people in cancer treatment, but it uses metabolic therapy and therapy combination for treatment. ADI-PEG20 is a new broad-effective cancer drug for metabolic therapy. Hundreds of papers have been published on the research to treat various cancer indications in major medical centers around the world. Therefore, Polaris Pharmaceuticals obtained the first FDA drug formula with AD I. -PEG20 to become a synthetic drug New cancer drugs are of great significance.

Polaris Pharmaceuticals emphasized that the company will use the FDA’s fast track review qualification to speed up the drug application process. The success of ADI-PEG20 in treating mesothelial lung cancer is just the beginning of the use of ADI-PEG20 in cancer. metabolic therapy The subsequent phase III trials for liver cancer, phase III trials for soft tissue tumours, and phase 2/3 trials for brain tumors will continue. At the same time, clinical trials will involve indications metabolic disease, such as severe fatty liver and diabetes, is made pragmatic The goal is to make ADI -PEG20 has become the drug of choice for metabolic therapy, allowing more patients to benefit.

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