New energy exclusive auto insurance will affect 6.78 million car owners

Original title: New energy exclusive auto insurance will affect 6.78 million car owners

[TechWeb]On December 27, it was reported that the Shanghai Insurance Exchange launched a new energy auto insurance trading platform on the same day, and listed the first batch of new energy auto insurance for 12 property insurers including PICC P&C, Ping An Property & Casualty, and CPIC Property & Casualty. product.

On that day, PICC Property & Casualty, Ping An Property & Casualty, and CPIC Property & Casualty all successfully signed new energy auto insurance policies, becoming the first companies in the industry to use new terms to underwrite new energy auto insurance business.

Industry insiders predict that 80% of new energy vehicle owners’ benchmark premiums will fall. As insurance premiums will be affected by factors such as traffic violation records and the number of accidents, car owners need to refer to the actual insurance premiums.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Public Security, as of the third quarter of 2021, the number of new energy vehicles nationwide has reached 6.78 million.

On December 14, the Insurance Association of China issued the “New Energy Vehicle Commercial Insurance Exclusive Clauses (Trial).” On the whole, the exclusive terms not only provide protection for the “three power” system, but also comprehensively cover the use scenarios of new energy vehicles in driving, parking, charging and operation, including a total of 3 main insurances and 13 additional insurances. The main insurance includes new energy vehicle loss insurance, new energy vehicle third party liability insurance, and new energy vehicle personnel liability insurance. There are three independent insurance types. The insured can choose to insure all types of insurance, or choose to insure some of them. The insurer shall bear the insurance liabilities according to the types of insurance as stipulated in the insurance contract.



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