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New ICO Investment Opportunities

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New ICO Investment Opportunities

There are many forms of “investment” these days. Since the traditional way of saving money, “drop the jar” to deposit it with the bank, it is the lowest risk investment. But the return is also the lowest.

until the start of investment with gradually increasing risk that comes with a higher return on investment as well According to the ability to accept the risks of each investor, whether it is “government lottery, insurance, debt instruments, debentures, stock funds Derivatives futures contracts”

or even investing in assets such as “buying a house, land, building, gold, or collectibles with added value such as paintings, watches and brand-name bags”

and cannot deny that The investment of the future world called “Digital assets” have become another form of investment, which can be called “the investment trend of the new generation around the world.”

Investing in “digital assets” in Thailand over the past 2-3 years being accepted more and more After the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) oversaw the “what kind” of cryptocurrency investments that are “not illegal” anymore.

It must be a transaction in various digital assets. through an intermediary or market licensed by the SEC under the law “The Royal Decree on Business Digital Assets B.E. 2561 (2018)”

The digital asset investment model that Thai investors gradually Getting familiar with it is “cryptocurrency” or “digital coin” that can trade various digital coins. more than ten thousand currencies around the world through a digital asset trading center licensed by the SEC

“Cryptocurrencies” have risks that investors have to bear, namely, no underlying assets. The price fluctuates according to the volatility in the cryptocurrency market.

At the same time, there is another form of digital asset investment. at Thai investors One might have forgotten that “ICO” (Initial Coin Offering) or “digital token” is a tool that helps raise funds for businesses. Which has some form similar to IPO, fundraising in the stock market.

But in the past, ICOs have had weaknesses. In the worst case, “Project collapses to zero” and the investment style is complex, difficult, “newbies” like Thai investors are willing to take risks. Plus, Thailand doesn’t have an ICO under the 2018 Digital Asset Law.

New World ICO Investment

However, shortly after A new development of digital token investment has emerged. There are some announced weaknesses of ICOs, which are digital tokens with full liquid assets backed. also known as “Asset-backed Token” liquid assets such as art, jewelry, and real estate.

Of course at this time Many industries are interested in jumping into education and investing. Connect opportunities to the financial world of the future.

A new confluence between ICOs and the real estate industry is reached, the “Real Estate-backed ICO” or “Digital Token with real estate or Income stream from real estate is an underlying asset.”

In an era where digital assets are becoming more and more popular The SEC is of the opinion that there should be adequate investor protection mechanisms under the SEC’s supervision.

Therefore, to support the adoption of technology in the capital market Increase channels for entrepreneurs to access funding sources and increase investment options for investors. Issuing a Real Estate-backed ICO, which is a fundraising that is supported by a project or asset.

Until recently, “Sirihub Token” became the first Real Estate-backed ICO in Thailand with a fundraising value of 2,400 million baht, project life 4 years, investing in the Siri Campus office building, a potential project located within the T77 community. of living and living in the Sukhumvit area It is a large project on land near the Sukhumvit Line. There is a condominium There is a shopping center international school And dental hospitals (Dental Hospital) are investments that bring rent. from Sansiri which is the tenant of this land to share with investors (token holder)

There are two types of SiriHub Tokens, which are SiriHub A (SiriHubA) and SiriHub B (SiriHubB).

SiriHub A (SiriHubA), offering value of 1.6 billion baht, investors will receive a quarterly revenue share of 4.5% per annum and a share of revenue from the sale of project assets before digital token holders SiriHub B by will receive the last income of the maximum amount of not more than the first 1,600 million baht

SiriHub B (SiriHubB) Offering value 800 million baht. Investors will receive a quarterly revenue share of 8% per annum and a share of revenue from asset sales at the end of the project. The last part of the income will be received from the sale of project assets. Only in excess of 1,600 million baht onwards


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