New ideas!! FIFA plans to change the World Cup to be played every three years but after 2030

FIFA has an idea to adjust the World Cup period from four years to three years, but it will take a long time to consider. And if there really is a change the World Cup will probably be after 2030.

The British media “Daily Mail” said that Gianni Infantino The president of the International Football Federation (FIFA) has an idea to adjust the World Cup from once every four years to once every three years after the 2022 World Cup will earn up to 6.2 billion US dollars (216,070 million baht) , an increase from four years ago. already up to 840 million US dollars (29,274 million baht)

FIFA’s approach would be to have a 32-team Club World Cup and then the European Championship and the World Cup every other year over a period of three years. Happening after 2030, because during 2024-2030, all relevant parties must be consulted first. in order to prepare the whole system for the competition program to be consistent

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