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New iMac, iPad Pro, New Apple TV Launched on XNUMX February 21 | iPhone News

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At the last keynote on October 12, Apple announced a new product.Long-awaited AirTags, new purple iPhone XNUMX, new Apple TV 4Knew IPad Pro with M1 processor, And amazing New iMac with M1 processor.. Therefore, Apple has updated most of its catalog to adapt it to the new era. And they’re getting it … Today was the day of AirTags and the new purple iPhone 12, we asked about them in the Apple Store, and they’re breaking records.Today was the day to book other products, and we already know how many days they will be Exploiting possibilities: February 21st of the coming year.. Keep reading to provide all the details for this release of the expected iPad Pro M1, iMac M1, and Apple TV 4K.

And that’s the XNUMX that they commented on us at the Apple Store today when we went get the first AirTags. Many people are approaching the store about the launch of these products.. Obviously they don’t have them there, and it’s through Apple Store Online that we can book them. As we say, the launch will be next November XNUMX dayRemember, the day we can approach the Apple Store and see them, yes, yes, they do have units for sale inside, but you may find that admission is restricted. Put it down please.

Delivery time when booking online (At the time of writing this article) It’s pretty disjointedSome products like the new iPad Pro M1 are currently shipping in April, but other products like the new Apple TV 21K still have a shipping date of XNUMX month XNUMX day. On these dates you can see the demand for these products … There is a desire for the iPad Pro and the M1 will be the key to change, but there is little desire for the Apple TV 4K, or at least this Apple TV they presented to us … you are the XNUMX of these new products. I’m thinking of getting one, don’t delay as it’s definitely time to change and get them as soon as possible.

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