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From Software reported the details of “Elden Ring” at the game event “Taipei Game Show 2022” held in Taipei, Taiwan on January 24th. He talks about changes in this work due to the expansion of the scale of maps, etc., and the gameplay time that he cares about.

“Elden Ring” is a new action RPG presented by From Software. While inheriting the gameplay of the studio’s popular past works such as “Dark Souls” and “SEKIRO”, the stage has expanded to a vast field. It is an ambitious work that incorporates many new elements. This time, From Software’s Yasuhiro Kitao will appear in the Taipei Game Show as a video. Together with Mr. Misuzu Araki, who is in the process of doing so, we have delivered new information on “Elden Ring”, which is about to be released next month, and answers to questions from users.

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First of all, according to Mr. Kitao’s talk this time, “Elden Ring” seems to be made with a focus on not making the player feel stress as much as possible. He commented that implementing a vast field was a challenge. He said he is pursuing balance adjustments such as the placement of enemies, items and events that players can enjoy without feeling stressed and tired. The ghost horse that was implemented with the expansion of the map was also implemented as a means to run around the vast field without stress. In addition, it seems that it is devising such as adding fast travel from the map screen and intentionally suppressing the variation of enemy placement in the time zone. On the other hand, there are some enemies that appear only at night, and bases that become thin and easy to stealth at night. Along with the expansion of gameplay elements, it seems that the taste is elaborated everywhere so that players can enjoy it stress-free.

And with the spread of gameplay in “Elden Ring,” it is said that the “RPG-ness” has improved more than ever. And, as the number of tactics that can be taken has increased, it seems that even players who are not good at action can enjoy it. First of all, in FromSoftware’s works so far, there have been many patterns of encountering enemies in front of them and immediately fighting them, and dealing with unexpected hits to players. On the other hand, in this work, there are more scenes where you observe the enemy from a distance, think about how to attack, and then approach. Strategy methods other than direct combat, such as stealth and summoning spirits, have also increased. Therefore, even players who are not good at action can enjoy it.

According to Mr. Kitao, “Elden Ring” is supposed to be cleared in about 30 hours if it is only the main part. Like the studio’s past works, there are also lap elements, and it seems that there is a branch of the story in the second half. In addition, this work has been postponed once. Regarding the new release date, February 25, next month, it is said that it is currently in progress so that it can be released without problems. Currently, he is developing a patch for the first day that includes feedback from play tests. Good news for fans.

Through this new information disclosure, we can see that “Elden Ring” is pursuing a comfortable experience with a wide frontage. I can’t wait for the release next month to see what kind of experience this work will bring to fans and new players.

“Elden Ring” will be released on February 25, 2022 for PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S.



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