New IT product this week…for home cinema

If you want to recreate the home theater experience, you need to power the screen and sound. A multi-channel sound bar that helps immerse in viewing and television with an overwhelming screen size transforms our home into a movie theater in an instant.

▶ Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Theater modular soundbar

BeoSound Theater embodies Bang and Olufsen’s ambition to become the most powerful and immersive soundbar in the world. It can be used as a standalone soundbar, but by adopting a modular system, it is also possible to build 55-inch, 66-inch, and 77-inch LG screens and home cinemas. The soundbar can be updated to match the software without the need for a new one. When the user approaches the soundbar, the interface turns on. Use the glass touch panel to find music or pair with a Bluetooth device. It supports BeoLink, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, and AirPlay to stream music even when the screen is off, so it can easily connect to other speakers in the house. It has two custom 6.5-inch long stroke woofers and 12 speaker drivers, including 800 watts of amplified power. It provides sound pressure levels of up to 112 dB. Voice clarity is controlled by a normal center channel, with a tweeter placed in front of the midrange. This alignment of drivers better distributes the sound quality, providing a high quality sound experience for everyone in the room.

▶ ‘Samsung Electronics Neo QLED Type 98’ extremely immersive

The projector projects a large screen, but the noise and heat of the fan are its disadvantages. If you are planning a comfortable home cinema, a TV is more suitable than a projector. Samsung Electronics’ 98-inch Neo QLED is an extra-large premium TV. The overwhelming size of the 98-inch is its strength. It supports 4K resolution, so the resolution is vivid. With neo-quantum matrix technology, the brightness of the light is finely adjusted in 16,384 steps (14 bits) to realize a clear image. In addition, Quantum HDR 5000 technology effectively expresses HDR images up to 5000 nits of brightness. Even dark content can be seen clearly. Technology that optimizes image quality according to AI-based image characteristics has also been applied. The thickness of the screen is reduced, and the bezel and the back are both made of metal, exuding a sense of luxury in the design. The sound has also been greatly improved. It supports 120W 6.4.4 channels by applying 4 woofers. ‘Q Symphony’, which enhances immersion through Dolby Atmos and maximizes the sense of presence using the sound bar and TV speakers, will also provide a new experience.

▶ Immersive 3D sound ‘Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar Plus’

Sennheiser’s AMBEO sound bar is famous for its masterpieces. Here, the slightly improved AMBEO Soundbar Plus was unveiled. The AMBEO Soundbar Plus features deep, immersive sound and a compact home. It’s an audio-grade home theater experience worth listening to. The AMBEO Soundbar Plus also supports 3D audio. Delivers immersive 3D audio with Dolby ATMOS, DTS:X, 360 Reality Audio and MPEG-H Audio. Users can also upmix stereo and 5.1 content to create an immersive 3D audio experience that sounds like the artist is in the room. The speaker’s self-calibration function reads the acoustic characteristics of the room and places 7 virtual speakers and 4 additional overheads around the listener. Don’t miss the subtle feature that automatically adjusts the sound to match the movie, game or content you’re watching.

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