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New LG TV, OLED evo technology and QNED Mini LED

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LG launches the latest TV innovation in Thailand, delivering cutting-edge OLED evo and QNED Mini LED technologies, strengthening the most versatile TV line from LG.

The flagship TV LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K TV Z1 Series 88-inch with the latest technology to create a new phenomenon in the TV industry with OLED evo technology, a groundbreaking evolution of brighter OLED screens. thus displaying sharper images and contrast like never before. Complementing both the LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K TV Z1 Series and the new LG OLED 4K TV G1 Series in sizes 77, 65 and 55 inches, it comes with three brand new OLED TV series. including the C1, B1, and A1 series, offering a wider range of sizes and prices.

Available from 48 inches to 77 inches, prices start at 45,990 baht and customers in Thailand will also experience another latest technology that LG has launched for the first time, the LG QNED Mini LED, elevating the image display on the TV. LCD by combining Quantum Dot and NanoCell technology. Works with more than seventeen thousand tiny Mini LED bulbs. To enhance the performance to show more vivid colors more accurate than other LCD TVs come in two series: 75-inch QNED99 8K series with intelligent processing chip. α (Alpha) 9 Gen4 AI Processor 8K and QNED91 4K series, 75 and 65 inches, processed with α (Alpha) 7 Gen4 AI Processor chip.

LG is also introducing five new LG NanoCell 4K TV series. Available in sizes from 43 inches to 86 inches, a total of 16 models and four new LG UHD TV series, a total of 20 models, come with the latest in picture, sound and comfort technology. Meet the needs of watching movies, playing games, and the sleek design is perfect for every decoration. This new TV innovation of 2021 is the most diverse line-up from LG. in terms of technology, design, size and price, covering all entertainment needs of Thai consumers

Mr. Amnat Singhachan, Senior Marketing Manager, LG Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said, “Adjusting to a new lifestyle during the past year Make consumers pay more attention and invest in various technologies to create more entertainment at home. As a result, the TV market continues to have a good response. Especially in the premium TV segment that targets consumers with purchasing power in the middle to upper levels.

Coupled with the pre-order LG OLED TV B1 series that we have presented in the past month has received satisfactory results. with this important factor This makes us confident that the Thai market still has potential for growth. And tends to respond to LG’s new TV innovations as well. This year, we’ve made an important turning point for OLED screens since our debut in 2013 with OLED evo technology. LG maintains its position as the No. 1 leader in the OLED segment and by 2021 we are aiming to triple our OLED sales, expanding LG’s market share in the TV market to 80%.”

“In addition, the new line-up also comes with technologies developed specifically by LG to enhance all aspects of entertainment and lifestyle experiences according to the innovation for a better life concept, including entertainment viewing, gaming, lifestyle, as well as The design looks like a gallery that can be hung on the wall, on a table, or can be used as a gallery stand in perfect harmony,” said Mr. Amnat.

Watch: The latest AI technology enhances both picture and sound for a perfect viewing experience.

LG TV You are evoLG TV You are evo

LG’s latest TVs come equipped with AI technology that improves performance from the previous generation to enhance the visual and audio experience to deliver the most complete viewing experience. At the heart is a new intelligent processor chip α (Alpha) 9 Gen4 AI Processor that drives the various systems of the TV to be faster and more stable. Improved visualization with AI Picture Pro. Analyze and upgrade the sharpness, color, and detail of each type of content to make it more realistic.

Comes with a new feature, Scene Detection, in-depth analysis of images on a scene-by-scene level. In order to bring out the outstanding color and create a deep black dimension, the details are clear and realistic with the visualization of each scene. while AI Sound Pro technology has evolved to be able to enhance the sound at the level of 5.1.2 channels with the latest Auto Volume Leveling feature, automatically adjusting the volume level to be consistent regardless of the original source. Complete the viewing experience to the next level.

Cinematographers can also enjoy world-class quality content. Supports Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, HDR10 PRO and Filmmaker Mode, creating a powerful cinematic experience. From more than 3,800 Dolby-quality content from many popular applications including Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+ and many other apps.

Play: Fast response smooth every movement Unlock the fun in every game.

LG TV You are evoLG TV You are evo

for gamers LG’s new TVs are also guaranteed to play all kinds of games on consoles and PCs, with the new OLED, QNED Mini LED and NanoCell TVs coming with dedicated gaming features like Game Optimizer. For playing different games in one place, to easily adjust the visual and sound display to suit the type of game played. And for OLED TVs, it also has a response rate as low as 1ms, a refresh rate of 120Hz, NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible, FreeSync and VRR for real-time battles.

Sports fans can follow every battle of their favorite teams with the Sports Alert feature, alerting you before the game starts. Real-time score updates during matches. and inform the schedule of the next round of competition Cheer the game even more with the Bluetooth Surround Ready feature. Connect up to 2 Bluetooth speakers simultaneously to create a powerful surround sound atmosphere as if you were on the field. Comes with a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees to cheer for important battles with friends.

Adore: Slim design that blends in with every decor, with a new home screen that’s easier to use.

LG TV You are evoLG TV You are evo

The development of new TVs from LG this year. It also covers a design look that takes into account even more decorative aesthetics, especially the LG OLED TV G1 series that can be installed as a gallery, hangs close to the wall with a screen that is only 4 mm thin and for OLED TVs. (C1, B1, A1), NanoCell and UHD (UP80, UP77) can also be installed in 3 different ways: wall-mounted, table-top, and the latest with the Gallery Stand, which makes your TV look like work. art Designed to be able to keep the wires neat and harmonious.

In addition, the new LG TVs have also reshaped the Home Screen with the latest operating system webOS 6.0, improving the processing to find content faster and easier. Increase comfort with a new design of the Magic Remote. Shape design for a more comfortable fit. Can point or scroll like a wireless mouse Supports both Thai and English voice commands via ThinQ AI technology, with the addition of hotkeys to Netflix or Prime Video at the touch of a button. So it’s more comfortable to use than ever.

LG SIGNATURE OLED TV 8K, 88-inch Z1 series, price 1,999,990 baht LG OLED TV 4K series G1, C1, B1 and A1, starting price 45,990 – 219,990 baht LG NanoCell TV series NANO91, NANO86, NANO80, NANO77, NANO75, starting price 20,790 – 109,990 baht and LG UHD TV, starting at 15,990 – 89,990 baht, can be purchased today at LG dealers and for the LG QNED Mini LED TV series QNED99 and QNED91, starting from 104,990 – 229,990 baht will Come to Thai customers to own from September onwards. For more information, please contact the LG Information Center.
0-2878-5757 or https://www.lg.com/th/tv

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