New product sales and a campaign is being held to commemorate the sale of “ICE RING” over 1 million units! | Straight press: STRAIGHT PRESS

“ICE RING” developed by FO International has sold over 1 million copies! To commemorate this, we are running sales and campaigns for new series.

A perfect “ice ring” for a hot summer

An “Ice Ring” is an item that naturally freezes at 28 degrees Celsius or less, and can easily be used as a countermeasure against heat anywhere indoors or outdoors. By cooling the throat, it cools the heat of the whole body. It is an item that can be used again and again and is also useful when going out for a short time or as an outdoor item. Since its release in June 2021, it has been highly evaluated as a must-have mid-summer cooler, and as of June this year, cumulative sales exceeded 1 million units.

New products in the series appear one after the other!

The company has launched a new product in the “Isling” series to commemorate cumulative sales of 1 million units and to thank its regular users. “Carry Ice” cooling sheet that can be attached to a randoser or rucksack from 5,940 yen (tax included),

“Ice cushion” 4,980 yen (tax included), which can be used in different situations, such as spread on a car seat or chair, or put in a buggy.

“Ice Fit,” a plate-type ice ring cooling product that allows you to efficiently cool your own “ice ring” by placing it in a mold, starts at 990 yen (tax included).

Ice Fit Mini, disc-type small ice ring ice ring 550 yen (tax included),

Cooler bag “Fit in Cooler” ¥2,490 (tax included) ~

Cooler bag “ice ring handbag” 2,991 yen (tax included) that can also be used for lunch boxes,

“Ice Ring Pouch” ¥1,100 (tax included) for cooling “Ice Ring”, renewed last year, is a new product lineup.

A campaign is also underway on Twitter and Instagram

In addition, “Cylch Yâ” is also running a campaign. Follow the “Isling” account on Twitter or Instagram, post with “#Isling love” on Twitter, and comment your impressions of using “Isling” in the campaign post on Instagram. In the case of Twitter, “Ice Ring Sacoche” + “Multi Strap” + “Ice Fit Mini” will be presented to 10 people, and in the case of Instagram, “Fit In Cooler” + “Ice Fit” will be presented for 10 people each.

The application period is until 23:59 on Sunday, July 2nd. For details, check the official Twitter or Instagram account.

Don’t miss the campaign to win the new “Ice Ring” product and luxury prizes that are sure to be a big hit in the upcoming rainy season and summer season!

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