New Product Shiwa Panel ® Next generation recyclable, lightweight, highly corrosion resistant metal panel Expresses metal texture in a new way. | Press release from Toyo Stainless Abrasive Industry Co, Ltd.

A panel with a new design expression called wrinkles that expresses the inherent charm of metal

Toyo Stainless Abrasive Industry Co., Ltd. (Head office: Dazaifu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as Toyo Stainless Abrasive Industry) has realized and commercialized a new design expression for metal panels with Wrinkle Panel®︎ . Until now, we have been developing the “Mysterious Mirror®︎” series of metal panels that express designs such as flashing and hammering patterns like water surfaces, and diamond cuts. We have developed the[Wrinkle Panel®︎]which expresses the natural brilliance and dullness of metal by releasing the softness, hardness, waviness and tensile strength of metal. Various shapes are possible for the shape of the metal panel, from light shapes such as cut panels, to four-way folding shapes, and free curved surfaces. In addition, it is a flexible design metal that can be used as art by incorporating the creativity and free ideas of artists and creators in the development of artwork.

A wrinkle panel that can express various designs

The Wrinkle Panel® ︎ can be used in a variety of ways, such as an expression that highlights the original shine of the metal, or a matte expression that makes the metal look damaged. We offer the attractiveness of metal to every scene with our composite design polishing technology, and it is a metal panel that can be useful for the space created by designers and creators.

Artwork with drifting Unzen clouds

In order to realize the wishes of the owner in the space created by the creators, the panel wrinkle® ︎ expresses the beautiful flowing clouds of Unzen and its seriousness. Steel and elements are folded together to form beautiful clouds. The mighty stainless steel sparkles, while the timeless titanium shines with its timeless elemental brilliance. Flood image created by Super Potato Co., Ltd. with a three-dimensional shape like a work of art by changing the expression of the Wrinkle Panel® ︎ with composite polishing technology that overlaps two materials.

(1) Business name: Hoshino Resort hot inn entrance artwork “Kai Unzen”.
(2) Operator: Hoshino Resorts Co., Ltd.
(3) Commencement of business: Opened on November 25, 2022
(4) Design: Super potato Co., Ltd.
(5) Construction: Sogo Design Co., Ltd.
(6) Material adopted: Designed® titanium TranTixxii corrugated panel (custom-made artwork)
Stainless steel wrinkle panel design ® ︎ (custom made artwork)

About Toyo stainless polishing industry Co., Ltd.

Toyo Stainless Polishing Industry Co, Ltd was founded by the first head of the Fukuoka sales office of Nippon Stainless (Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture), one of the predecessor companies of Nippon Steel Corporation. We have established a unique position by specializing in design polishing. Our mission is to contribute to society by adding design and functionality to metal materials. We provide titanium with strong corrosion resistance while giving it design, and create timeless products such as buildings and monuments.

Company name: Toyo Stainless Polishing Industry Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 6-31-1 Mizuki, Dazaifu City, Fukuoka Prefecture 818-0131
Representative Director: Yutaka Kadoya
Business description: Manufacture and sale of design metal processing products
Founded: January 1968


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