New report finds Do Kwon transfers $250,000 USDC out of pocket after ‘announcement’

A few days after a Korean court issued an ‘arrest warrant’ for Terra Network (LUNA) founder Do Kwon, his exact whereabouts are unknown. But most recently, It was reported that 250,000 USDC from Terra founder’s wallet was transferred to another wallet.

Do Kwon, founder and former CEO of Terraform Labs, has broken the law. which he had to face harsh criticism After the collapse of Project Terra in May However, the latest just got an arrest warrant To call it more serious, but still nothing to move forward.

According to new reports, Do Kwon is secretly transferring his money. supporters say Funding needs to be provided to “Those who are going to flee,” explains Jaewoo Choo, a blockchain technology advocate and assistant professor at Hansung University.

On Tuesday, Choo posted a tweet saying, “Do Kwon just migrated $250,000 USDC to a secret account.”

Do Kwon is not as poor as everyone thinks.

According to etherscan, Kwon’s wallet address 0xda44200196cfb3416bf011eed608f354804337ba. In that case, $250,000 of USDC was transferred to an unknown wallet.

However, although the USDC was transferred, the balance of the wallet in USDC and ETH after the transfer Still worth more than $31 million.

As a result of the transaction, Project Terra FatMan researcher on Twitter commented on the situation:

“The life that escapes should be examined By the way, has anyone checked their pocket account yet?”

He emphasized that Do Kwon’s wallet still had nearly $30 million in balance, letting the community know that Do Kwon was not as poor as he wanted everyone to think.

Is Dokwon really escaping?

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal at the end of June, Do Kwon said that he lost most of his money from the collapse of Terra, his big bets and losing it on his own project

Based on FatMan’s claims, this may lead to the belief that Do Kwon may be escaping capture.

However, prosecutors in South Korea have been looking for Do Kwon. Since an arrest warrant was issued on September 14 and prosecutors have asked Interpol to mark with Do Kwon as part of their efforts to find him.

source: fxcryptonews

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