New sound in 4 years! The young singer Soni sang love; Hearty, beautiful

A young singer named Soni Mohan has made a mark in the playback singing arena with the campus romantic film 4 Years. Of the total of 8 songs in the film, Soni has sung three of them. The film’s music director Shankar Sharma introduced Soni to the Malayalam film music industry. Soni Mohan is a native of Parappanangadi.

Soni’s love song ‘En Kanavil’ for 4 Years has already received a great response from the audience. Singer Arun Elat is the male voice in the song. In the other two songs, Mithun Jayaraj and Vysakh C Madhav have sung with Soni. Sandra Madhav, Sandhup Narayanan, Aarti Mohan, Anu Elizabeth, Vivek Muzhakkunn and Ranjith Shankar have written the songs for the film.


4 Years is a movie directed by Ranjith Shankar starring Priya Warrier and Sarjano Khalid. Cinematography by Salu K. Thomas, Editing: Sangeet Pratap, Sound Design and Final Mix Tapas Nayak. Produced by Ranjith Shankar and Jayasuriya under the banner of Dreams and Beyond. The film is getting a good response from the audience.


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