New Study by Scientists at Global Lyme Disease Cases in the U.S.

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This study is a first step t

By the scientists at Global Lyme Alliance (GLA) and Brown University, by the year 2020.

The study, published today by BMC. T promptly diagnosed and correctly treated. PTLD, chronic pain and neuro-cognitive impairment. Are called derailed. T

Lyme disease has reached epidemic levels in the U.S., with an estimated 427,000 people in the U.S. newly infected every year. With timely diagnosis and antibiotic treatment. Nonetheless. Public Services and Public Services t

About the research, investigator Allison DeLong, M.S., and biostatistician at Brown University Challenge first of PTLD in the U.S. “For our knowledge,” she said.

DeLong and fellow authors based on models of PTLD. Lyme disease incidence since 1980, t Author: author Mayla Hsu, Ph.D., Director of Research and Science at GLA, leading 501 (c) (3) dedicated to education, education and awareness.

Dr. PTLD sufferers t “These are the numbers of people struggling with chronic illness and disability,” she said. “They and their families are impacted financially, because they are very hard to work with. This study is a vital first step t

The study is an important part of the program.

“This framework,” added DeLong, “ Hsu: “This is the beginning of the day. It reinforces the need to expand research that will lead to optimal treatment of these patients.

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