New study reveals audience tired of Marvel now, don’t want ensemble movies | Love for Marvel movies is diminishing..! A shocking study report is out

The characters that make up their cinematic universe have helped Marvel Studios achieve more success than any other studio in Hollywood. Many film franchises and universes have been inspired by this. But just like too much nectar is poison, some studies suggest that many fans are fed up with the continuous release of movies as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Universe. The report was released by a community of fans called Fandom.

According to this, most fans are interested in watching a Marvel movie rather than a newly released DC movie. But independent superhero films that are not part of the cinematic universe are more popular. This report was prepared on the basis of a study carried out on almost 5000 fans starting from the film industry and extending to gaming. According to this report fans can be classified into four categories. All categories of people watch movies in a different way.

1. Advocate

Die-hard fans of a franchise fall into this category. These people are going to see a Marvel or DC movie as soon as it is released in theaters. Superhero movies are part of such people’s lives. They will take special care not to miss any film released as part of the Cinematic Universe.

2. Internationalist

Most of the audience falls into this category. These people watch the movie only after looking at the reviews, marketing, crew members etc. of the movie. These people watch a movie two days after its release.

3. Culturalist

This category of audience does not watch the film based on the first reviews that come out. Such people go to the movies only after reaching the theaters and looking at the general reviews and their collection figures. They used to go to the movies for about a month.

4. flirt

Flirting falls into the latter category. Even if they have good reviews and collections for movies, they only watch them in theaters if they have time. It can be said that the lazy among the fans are included in this category.

Among the above, almost half of the fans belong to the Cultural and Flirt categories. This is proof that the marketing of the film and the reviews it receives can greatly influence the performance of the film. 20% of DC fans said they are getting tired of the franchise’s ongoing movies. But among Marvel fans, it’s 36%.

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