New study reveals new coronavirus or direct effect on heart DNA not ‘flu-like’ | Blog Post

The University of Queensland in Australia recently released news that a new study has revealed how the new coronavirus affects the heart and how it affects the heart differently than the flu virus, which provides ideas for treating damage to the heart caused by the new coronavirus infection.

The research, led by the University of Queensland, has been published in the monthly journal Immunology. One of the study’s authors, Dr Kura Singha from the University of Queensland, said: “Covid-19 causes more severe and long-term cardiovascular disease than the 2009 flu pandemic, but at the molecular level, what causes this is still unclear.”

According to reports, the new study used heart tissue samples collected from the remains of 7 new coronary patients, 2 flu patients and 6 control group patients for analysis.

The results showed that the researchers found stronger inflammation in heart samples from flu patients, while tissue changes related to deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) damage and repair were found in heart samples from patients with Covid-19. The researchers say the new coronavirus is likely to have a direct effect on the heart’s DNA, not just by triggering a chain reaction of inflammation.

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DNA damage and repair mechanisms contribute to genomic instability and are linked to chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, atherosclerosis and neurodegenerative diseases, Kurasimha said.

University of Queensland Professor John Fraser said the study, which showed the new coronavirus and the flu virus had different effects on heart tissue, provided more evidence that the new coronavirus was “not flu-like”. In the future, the team hopes to carry out detailed investigations through larger cohort studies.

At present, the new coronavirus continues to mutate, and generations of subtype strains have come out one after another. Many studies have shown that the new coronary pneumonia is by no means a “big flu” .

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