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A few days ago, it was rare for Seattle to get really hot. The highest temperature reached 31 degrees Celsius. It was especially fun to eat summer heat-relieving food! Everyone’s favorite food for cooling off is different. Everyone should be familiar with bubble tea, fruit tea, iced coffee, milkshake, smoothie, snowflake ice, ice cream, and smoothie. In this issue, I would like to introduce you a yogurt bowl, but rich South American-style cooling food – acai bowl (acai bowl).

South American Superfoods

Acai, also known as acai fruit, is a palm plant that is abundant in South America. Acai berry looks like blueberry, but has richer nutritional value. It contains high concentrations of anthocyanins, iron, calcium, dietary fiber, vitamins, fatty acids, etc., which can help protect eyes, delay body aging, maintain cardiovascular and blood sugar health, etc. , known as a superfood.

Acai berries are not easy to preserve, so it is more difficult to buy fresh, but freeze-dried acai powder or frozen acai puree can be easily purchased online. Just add acai powder (or puree) to appropriate amount of water, fresh milk, plant-based milk or yogurt, and mix with your favorite frozen fruits, such as bananas, strawberries, blueberries, mango, dragon fruit, etc., and blend in a food processor or blender , can be made into yogurt or sorbet texture according to personal preference. If you want to increase the taste, you can also spread coconut flakes, chopped nuts, oat chips, cocoa nibs, fresh fruits, etc. on the acai base.

Seattle Acai Bowl

There are also some businesses in Seattle that serve acai bowls and acai smoothies, such as Kitanda Espresso & Acai, which started in Seattle, and Vitality Bowls and Emerald City Smoothie, which have branches across the United States. Among them, Kitanda Espresso & Acai has more positive reviews from diners. It has eight branches in the Greater Seattle area, located in Kirkland, Redmond, Greenlake, University District, Capitol Hill, Tukwila, Shoreline and Downtown Seattle, mainly serving Brazilian coffee and acai berry bowls. , Tapioca Cheese Bun (taste and taste like the popular East Asian cheese mochi balls). If you like a thick texture, you can choose the acai bowl; if you want a smooth texture, you can choose the acai smoothie, both are equally cold, very suitable for summer.

Are Acai Bowls Healthy?

Crazy Acai Bowls began in the United States a few years ago. Both “Acai” and “Acai Bowl” are popular Instagram hashtags, with more than 3 million and nearly 2 million posts respectively. subsided. Although many people advertise the acai bowl as a healthy food, those who are concerned about sugar intake should pay attention to the acai bowl styles made by the merchants. The richer the fruit ingredients, the higher the sugar content. Make your own acai bowls, or buy sugar-free acai powder or puree.

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Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

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