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[New Taipei Christmas City]Hebe sang the controversial song “Anything in Life” | Apple News | Apple Daily

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The New Taipei Christmas Festival Superstar Concert will be held at Civic Square tonight (12th). It will be hosted by Huang Zijiao and Sha Sha. The cast is strong, including Tian Fuzhen (Hebe), Naughty MJ116, Bayanyao, Wu Zhuoyuan, Bi Shujin and the family Home and other singers take turns in battle. Among them, Tian Fuzhen, who has been in the superstar Christmas concert again for 5 years, was recently accused by her former owner, Huayan International, of infringingly singing 16 songs at the 4 small dome concerts in September, so this performance attracted special attention. It is reported that she will bring new album songs “Prophet”, “Or a Song”, and the old song “Don’t Remember Me” from the Huayan period. Earlier, some fans heard Hebe’s rehearsal in Christmas City in New Taipei City. There is indeed “You Don’t Think of Me”, just like the song list exclusively owned by “Apple News” recently, Huayan said: “We said on Thursday (10th) that we will not respond to this matter.” (Huang Yingrong , Chen Huihan / Xinbei Report)


The hip-hop group “Naughty Boy MJ116” will be the finale tonight. They sang “Doing a Big Thing”, “Young Dong”, “Sweet Girl”, “Walking”, and screams renewed the North Night, which is the first day The Christmas concert draws a perfect ending.


Tian Fuzhen appeared in an elegant red blouse, singing “The Prophet” and netizens praised it, “It sounds good and has a good singing ability.” Tian Fuzhen greeted everyone happily, “Are you okay? Thank you for your hard work,” and seemed to be unaffected by the infringement dispute. Then Hebe was not afraid of the “infringement” warnings of his old club. Just like the song list that “Apple News” had recently, he sang “Don’t Think of Me” and sang the old club Huayan. However, because of her long and wavy hair today, many netizens asked “Landan Axiang?” It was very funny. Before singing “Or a Song”, Tian Fuzhen accepted an interview with the host. She talked about being touched by the other party at the Jolin concert, and her rare costume broke the standard. She said, “Life, everything will happen in 2020, and no one will know. Things, open your heart to welcome everything.”


The Orchestra Bayanyao sang “Eastern District East”, “Horse Dog”, “Be Careful”, “Want to See You, Want to See You,” and “Flying Eyes” and other popular songs. The stage charm is amazing. A few days ago, the out-of-control behavior of throwing wheat and kicking drums during campus singing in Bayi Sanyao caused a lot of scolding. When I was interviewed today, I was asked about the situation on that day. The lead singer Apu said that what he wanted to say has been written on Facebook. The mood doesn’t affect much. However, after the incident, a group of people seemed to be more careful with the microphone. When Liu forced to take the reporter’s microphone, he kept reminding him, “Be careful! Don’t fall.”


The “Soul Singer” family brought three songs in succession, “Nothing Wrong”, “Life and Sea”, and “Family Family Wine”. The singing voice was moving and the audience was mesmerized. Many commercial performances were cancelled this year due to the impact of the epidemic, but the family did not stop and continued to record songs. Christmas this year will also be spent at work. Regarding the recent exposure of oolong female love, the family laughed, saying that the other party is a close friend, “and she has two children.” Being concerned about the new relationship, every family is silent, afraid that they will meet with the ambiguous object and die.


Bii’s first public performance of the theatrical theme song “Unforgettable” and the classics “Come back to me” and “LOVE MORE” were performed for the first time by Bii. Bii said, “Being able to perform in New Taipei Christmas City is the best Christmas gift.” He appeared on the scene for 8 consecutive years. He can be said to be a fixed team in New Taipei Christmas City. This year, Bii, who has been promoted as a husband and father, has everything to do with women. It was revealed that “you can pack a diaper and take a bath.” Hearing that Bii would have a “go with the flow” attitude towards her daughters and boyfriends in the future, Huang Zijiao curiously asked, “If you have a son, can you take your daughter?” Bii’s eyes widened without answering. As for the second-child plan, he bluntly said “I hope there is.” He was originally scheduled to hold a Little Arena concert this year, but due to the epidemic, it will be postponed until next year.


TVBS’s new play “Pink Time” actors Fang Zhiyou, Wu Nianxuan, Zhang Guangchen, and Liu Jing joined the stage to promote the drama. This is also the first time that Fang Zhiyou and Wu Nianxuan have shared the same stage publicly after they broke the car scandal. This is particularly noticeable. However, Although the two people are standing next to each other, there is almost no interaction during the stage. When taking a group photo for selfie, they are obviously separated slightly, so as to avoid suspicion. However, Chen Yanyun, who was originally scheduled to take the stage together, cancelled the performance opportunity because of drunkenness and kicking the shared motorcycle on the roadside the previous day.


After Kimberley Chen Fangyu and Wu Zhuoyuan joined forces to bring the R&B-style “Better”, Kimberley unbuttoned his jacket, revealing swimsuit-style open high-slit pants, full of spiciness, and danced sexy with 10 dancers, interpreting the hip-hop song “9 Million”. atmosphere.


The “village wife” Julia Wu Zhuoyuan has been on the stage of the Christmas City superstar concert for three consecutive years. She wears a white dress with bare shoulders and beautiful long legs. When she is not good enough, a confession message on the Internet. She sang “Player” with ChrisFlow Tang Zhongyu, and turned the audience into the audience.


In this concert, Huang Zijiao will be the first to do a warm-up performance, singing the new song “When You Elk” is the busiest host. The popular new generation of creative orchestra “Report to Five” officially kicked off today’s concert with songs such as “Lover Missed”, “Love in the Summer”, “Miss You with Stars and Moon”. Originally there were only three members of the five members, but now they have recruited two musicians to help out, making them a veritable five, and the performance has been upgraded.

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