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[뉴스에이 = 주윤성 기자] The second work was selected from carefully selected free classic games provided by the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games Korea (CEO Park Seong-cheol), the Korean corporation of Epic Games, a world-class game developer and provider of everything for Unreal Engine, Store, and digital creative ecosystem, is the second free masterpiece game that’ n being held as part of the Epic Mega Sale. <폴아웃: 뉴 베가스 얼티밋 에디션>announced on the 26th that he would provide

Epic Games Store kicked off the Epic Mega Sale last week, revealing that it will deliver one epic game chosen by Epic Games every week for 4 weeks, and as the first time <데스 스트랜딩>distributed free of charge for a week. to the second game <폴아웃: 뉴 베가스 얼티밋 에디션>this was chosen

<폴아웃: 뉴 베가스 얼티밋 에디션>is an action role-playing game set in a desert. Players can explore the vast Mojave Desert, reminiscent of classic cowboy movies, or chase down gangsters. In addition, depending on the choices made, the fate of the player and the inhabitants changes, providing a variety of fun.

During the Epic Mega Sale event, which runs until June 15, <피파 23>(70%), <데드 스페이스: 리메이크>(20%), <배틀필드 2042>(75%), <고트 시뮬레이터 3>(35%), <다잉 라이트 2: 스테이 휴먼>(50%) and other popular games can be purchased for up to 75% off. Including this, which remains very popular <사이버펑크 2077>(50%), <파 크라이 6>(75%), <그랜드 테프트 오토 V: 프리미엄 에디션>(50%), <레드 데드 리뎀션 2>(67%), <어쌔신 크리드: 발할라>(75%), <오버쿡드! 2>(75%) also at an unprecedented discount.

In addition to this, the Epic Games Store is also giving an additional 25% off unlimited Epic Gift Certificates. Epic gift certificates are automatically applied when the total number of games in the shopping cart is 15,000 won or more, and can be used continuously without limitation until the end of the event. In addition, in this year’s Epic Mega Sale, Epic Rewards, which accrues 5% of the purchase amount two weeks after purchasing a game, is also newly established, allowing users to enjoy richer discounts.

Meanwhile, <호그와트 레거시>, <레드폴>, <데드 아일랜드 2> You can also buy the latest popular games without separate discounts like Epic gift certificates and receive points.

In addition to this, a free month pass for Nitro, a premium subscription service from the game messenger platform Discord, will be presented until June 7th. The service provides additional support for high definition streaming, large file uploads, audio and animation reactions, and custom color themes, and is provided to users who have not subscribed to Nitro in the last 12 months. More information about the Epic Mega Sale is available on the Epic Games Store website.