New video release that delivers amazingly deep immersion of PS VR2-Game video like ‘Firewall Ultra’ and ‘Horizon Call of the Mountain’ | Game * Spark

Sony Interactive Entertainment isPlayStation VR2(hereafter referred to as PS VR2) has released a new video.

PS VR2 is the next generation VR system for PS5 and is expected to be released in early 2023. This time, the video is a 4K HDR display, gaze tracking, foveate rendering, 110 degree viewing angle, Tempest sound technology 3D, headset feedback, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, etc. “Technologies that have evolved dramatically” This is the content that introduces no.

In addition, when introducing each technology, “The call of the Mountain HorizonYou can also check the game footage for PS VR 2, such as the vivid world of “Firewall Ultra”, the selection of weapons by line of sight in “Firewall Ultra”, and the realism of “No Man’s Sky”.

PS VR2 will be exclusive to PS5 and will be available in early 2023.

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