New work stitching copy level “Phantom Beast Palu” real machine promotion Pokémon labor camp released, to be launched in 2023 | 4 Gamers

After creating the open world survival game “Craftopia” which sold millions of copies, the latest work “Palworld” developed by the Japanese game team Pocket Pair has once again released a live promotional video. The game is expected to Come to Steam, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One in 2023.

In the third wave of promotional video, “Phantom Beast Palu” revealed the Phantom Beasts that players will meet in the game world. At the same time, they finally have their own names, and the general concept is still quite “Pokémon”, only after the second half of the game, the brain hole was opened again, because it this work emphasizes that Eudemons are not caught just for fun, but how to “use” them after they are caught.

Emphasizing capture, breeding, mounts, forced labor, enslavement to soldiers, using them as weapons or shields, and even smashing and eating, “Pallu” considers many things that “Pokémon” did not dare and cannot do as propaganda, successfully gain a lot of attention. .

However, Pocket Pair itself belongs to a small development team. According to an interview with Japanese media last year, the main program and president Takuro Mizobe said that the team had only 8 to 10 people in the development of “Shishi Paradise” Obviously, the development it seems that the progress of this work is still progressing slowly. Early Access on Steam in 2023.



It is worth noting that Pocket Pair launched the first casual puzzle game “AI: Art Impostor” made with AI graphics in November this year, but it did not receive much attention.

“Copy” level stitch world development game “Phantom Beast Palu” is expected to be on Steam, Xbox Series X | S, and Xbox One in 2023.

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