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“New World” sanctions marijuana for money, players cooperate with “collective imprisonment” plug-in 🍁 | 4Gamers

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“New World” (Chinese translation:AmericaNew World) is an MMORPG that allows you to play with any weapon and practice with any specialization in life. Because of the considerable amount of resources required to upgrade your profession, it also promotes a lucrative market for plug-ins to earn money. In order to sanction plug-ins, instead of waiting for the official blockade, foreigners also know how to “close the toilet.”

There are many harvestable crop resources in the “New World” game, and marijuana is one of them, but the marijuana here is not the kind of marijuana that can be hilarious, but the “hemp” (hemp) that belongs to the cannabis family. It can be used to make textile fibers and is a very important primary raw material for textile skills.

However, because the amount of fiber needed to practice textile skills is too much, not to mention that you saw a plug-in that sleeps 24 hours in the wild during the collection process, so overseas players have recently come up with a method to change The plug-in is “closed”.


In the “New World” game, because there is no transportation vehicle, he accidentally died in the field exploration and practice. Most of them can only go back to the nearest stronghold to rebirth. However, every player can set up a campfire in the wild. This is a small tent. Players quickly recover and provide locations for death and rebirth.

Because the cashier will continue to harvest marijuana around a fixed path, overseas players lie in ambush at the place where the marijuana rebirths. After the cheaters enter the tiger’s mouth, they will set up a campfire “closed” in one breath.

This method seems simple, but it does have quite good results, because the automatic script of the plug-in has limited functions. When the “New World” was first launched, many fishing plug-ins used players to pull monsters and hit these plug-ins.

As for the rampant gambling plug-ins, this also reflects the Endgame economic problems currently facing “New World“. Recently, the “New World” community has been intensively discussing the phenomenon of “deflation” that is rare in the game economy.


Deflation refers to the decrease in currency circulation, which leads to the continuous drop in prices. Because the equipment and props cannot be sold to NPCs in the game, they can only be dismantled (dismantling can only get 1~0.1 gold), and the gold coin rewards for the town kanban tasks are also quite shabby. , The game mechanism cannot continuously produce stable gold coins, and the guild participating in the siege also needs a lot of gold coins on the consumption channel.

Because gold coins are difficult to obtain, players in “New World” gradually cease to consume, resulting in extremely unstable prices for many materials in the auction house, and the emergence of money workers is a vicious circle. However, in the face of such problems, the development team said that everything is still acceptable.



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