New Year is free! “Persona 5: Phantom Attacker” is a free game lineup for PS PLUS in January 2022 | 4Gamers

Sure enough, the beginning of the spring of 2022 will be a little big. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) today (30) released a list of free games for PS Plus members in January 2022; “Persona 5: Phantom of War”, “DIRT 5”, “Deep Rock Galactic” are here!

The three free games will start to be received on January 4, 2022. As long as you have a valid PS Plus member, you can receive them. PS5 players can play PS4 content at the same time. The free time is about 1 month. It is recommended to claim early if you are excited. For details, please see the official website.

PS4 “Persona 5: The Phantom Attacker of Chaos”

When P5 ran into Wushuang’s “Persona 5 Chaos: Phantom Attacker”, the timeline was placed about half a year after the end of the “Persona 5” story. Taking advantage of the summer vacation to gather together again, the strange thieves of the heart will be involved in a series of new events.

PS5/PS4 “DIRT 5” (Long March of the Earth))

A weighty off-road racing game, suitable for when you don’t want to think too much, that is, when you want to drive fast and have some collisions.

PS5/PS4《Deep Rock Galactic》

From the independent team Ghost Ship Games, it is a four-player first-person game.



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