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New Year, New Strategy: 6 Marketing Trends to Prepare For in 2022

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The past two years of the global pandemic have brought logistical and financial challenges to the forefront for businesses and marketing teams across the globe. As 2022 approaches, industry leaders must address new marketing trends that directly impact their employees, consumers, and profits. Here are six marketing trends that will redefine the space in 2022. 

Using virtual offices to expand business presence 

If the pandemic taught businesses anything, it’s that remote work and virtual offices like those offered by iPostal1 are a viable way to conduct business. With the pandemic leaving many consumers shy of all things brick-and-mortar, a virtual office can help by eliminating the need for an expensive lease. This technology uses an actual staffed location to intercept mail, phone calls, and faxes on your company’s behalf so you maintain your image while conducting COVID-safe business operations. 


The remote work enthusiasm doesn’t end there, however. Employees who now work remotely due to the 2020 shutdown don’t miss their daily commutes to the office and are more productive and engaged overall. One in three professionals says they prefer a remote work environment and would seek other employment if their company required a return to the office full time. 


Companies that embrace remote workforces in 2022 will see the financial benefits of reduced office space and more productive employees. 

Embrace online events 

Online events such as webinars, live streams, conferences, and more will continue to be a marketing trend in 2022. 


What started as a scramble to find a supportive online infrastructure for virtual events in 2020 has resulted in a wide variety of digital event platforms businesses can utilize to host unique, valuable events. You might even consider joining a few of these virtual events as a featured speaker if you’re looking to spread the word about product launches or innovative structures. 

Focus on showcasing industry expertise 

A powerful marketing strategy for 2022 will be to utilize digital spaces such as company blogs or social media platforms to showcase a business’s industry expertise. Rather than sticking with traditional hard-sell tactics, demonstrating and sharing knowledge about topics a business is involved with will be more meaningful to consumers. 

Tell a good story 

Customers are tired of hearing the same old story about how fantastic X product or Y service is. The traditional song and dance don’t impress today’s overstimulated consumers. What modern leads do care about is how these products and services can help solve their real-world problems. 


Digital marketers will have to learn to tell good stories when it comes time to sell. Showcasing facts and figures, sharing case studies, and promoting customer reviews are helpful ways to craft a narrative that results in high sales figures for 2022. 

Show some love to nonprofits 

Also on-trend for 2022 is strengthening brand image through strategic partnerships with nonprofits. This charitable mindset reflects positively on an organization and demonstrates what they value. 


Visible company-wide fundraisers supporting a local nonprofit or co-hosted events are excellent ways for businesses to help their communities and share their brand’s humanity-first values. 

Kiss cookies goodbye 

Consumers care more and more about their digital privacy as online life overlaps increasingly with everyday life. In response, Google’s announcement that they will be phasing out third-party cookies on Chrome browsers in 2022 will mean some serious adjustments for marketers in obtaining and using customer data. 

The takeaway

The way businesses market their products and services will fundamentally change in 2022. Marketers will need to make their best chameleon impressions to keep up with a world of changing social and digital trends. 


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