New Year’s blessing parade. Kham Chanod. Don’t miss to see the holy water basin. Get “lucky numbers”. Try your luck (clip)

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27 Dec 2021 17:47

Tourists flock to wish blessings for the new year Tight on Kham Chanod Island, Udon Thani Province. Don’t miss to look at the holy water basin. Get “lucky numbers” for the last draw of 2021.

On December 27, 2021, the reporter reported on the atmosphere. From Nakin Palace, Kham Chanot Island Land of the Nagas, Father Pu Si Sutho and Mae Ya Sri Pathumma, Ban Non Mueang, Village No. 11, Ban Muang Subdistrict, Ban Dung District, Udon Thani Province that it is close to the New Year’s Day at Kham Chanot Island Usually crowded with tourists who travel to pay homage to the New Year from parents, grandparents, for the prosperity for themselves and their families To have only happiness and good health throughout the year

However, even though tourists are traveling in large numbers But all have to go through a screening process. In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, to get queue cards, go to the courtyard in front of the Grandfather Grandmother’s Court, 50 people each round, with Father Chum taking to pay respect to parents for about 10 minutes, then many people will continue to walk. to the giant fig tree for good fortune because it is believed that this point is a treasure trove of parents and grandparents

For those who like to gamble At the shrine in front of the island packed with a table to fix the top, wishing luck Most of the gamblers come to look at the large holy water bath to look for the “lucky number” from the candle’s tears. Most of which will be seen as the number 8-7-1-6, depending on who will see what number it is.

The part that sells lottery tickets in front of the island. packed with gamblers where to find lucky numbers Whether it’s the number 64, 65, part 59, it’s a popular number that sells until the panel is gone.

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