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New Year’s goods are guaranteed

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Original title: New Year goods are guaranteed

The Spring Festival is here and the New Year’s taste is strong. While every family is celebrating the festive season, the demand for all kinds of daily necessities, especially fresh food, has also increased significantly. All localities and parties are strictly doing the prevention and control of the epidemic, and effectively strengthening the supply of daily necessities, so that the “vegetable basket” of the masses is more secure.

Our reporter visited many places and recorded the work of supermarket staff, aquatic product freight drivers, community group buying service team leaders, etc., showing the local efforts to strengthen supply guarantee, and leaving vivid freshness for this special and warm Spring Festival. Live footnotes.


During the Spring Festival, consumers’ demand for all kinds of daily necessities, especially fresh food, increased significantly. Recently, the Office of the State Council of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China jointly issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in Guaranteeing the People’s New Year’s Eve Service on the Spot”, requesting to strengthen the livelihood security of the people on the spot, guiding and supporting agricultural and sideline product wholesale markets, farmer’s markets, supermarket stores, fresh electricity Commercial, logistics and distribution companies maintain normal operations to ensure that daily necessities are kept on file and are not out of stock. All localities and parties actively ensure the supply of fresh food, so that consumers can buy fresh and eat with confidence, and add more beautiful flavors to the Spring Festival.

Wen Hongxia, a shop assistant in a department store in Zhengzhou, Henan——

“We are ready”

On New Year’s Eve, Wen Hongxia’s work has become even busier as a shop assistant at the Renmin Store in Zhengzhou Dennis Department Store Co., Ltd. in Henan.

“In the past few days, consumers’ demand for fresh foods such as meat, eggs, vegetables, etc. has soared.” Wen Hongxia said, loading goods is not only a personal effort, but also a technical job. She and her colleagues must rush to the store at 8:30 every morning. Before opening the door, complete the classification, picking and preliminary packaging of the goods from the logistics distribution, and then sort them into specific shelves and containers. “There are more than 3,000 kinds of fresh food in the store. It is the peak season for the New Year. We have to stock up and update every day. We have 12 delivery staff who work every day. You can imagine how busy it is.”

But this kind of busyness made her feel at ease. “Last year’s Chinese New Year, the epidemic broke out suddenly and people were caught off guard. Looking at the increasingly vacant shelves, I felt anxious in my heart!”

“Are you in a hurry this year?” the reporter asked.

“Don’t worry!” Wen Hongxia said, “Although the supply of fresh food such as meat, eggs, vegetables, etc. is facing certain tests this Spring Festival, we are ready.”

Where does her confidence come from?

“For several types of fresh foods with high consumer demand, such as pork, radishes, cabbage, eggs, etc., the company signed an agreement with the manufacturer in advance to lock in the quality, supply and price, and then the company’s own The logistics center collects and distributes goods and establishes a complete closed loop of production, transportation and sales, which effectively reduces the problem of insufficient supply, and is also conducive to the entire process of monitoring, preventing and controlling the epidemic.” Store manager Ma Junmei said, “On the one hand, the company is cold. The supply of chain transportation is basically local in Zhengzhou. On the other hand, we have also strengthened the nucleic acid testing of relevant personnel and goods. We have the ability to ensure effective prevention and control of the epidemic and not to follow the trend and increase prices.”

According to Li Xin, director of the Market Operation Regulation Division of the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, this year’s Spring Festival, more people choose to celebrate the new year on the spot. In response to the sharp increase in the demand for fresh food, the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and relevant departments have made preparations in advance. Under the premise of strengthening epidemic prevention and control, it has increased the procurement, storage and release of government reserves to ensure market supply and price stability. “It is our responsibility and desire to let the people eat well and have a good year.”

Wu Xinzhuang, aquatic cargo driver in Guangzhou, Guangdong——

“The more people rest, the more busy we are”

On New Year’s Eve, fish is indispensable on the dining tables of every household in Guangdong, which means that there will be more than one year after year, which is a good sign.

“During the past Chinese New Year, the demand for fish was already large. This year, local Chinese New Year is encouraged, and the cargo volume is several times the usual.” Wu Xinzhuang, 36, is a truck driver transporting aquatic products every day from Foshan. The goods arrive at the Hema Xiansheng store in Guangzhou. I go to work at 8 or 9 in the evening and end at 7 in the morning. I work for more than ten hours a day to make up for sleep during the day and continue to work at night. “The more people rest, the more busy we are.”

In order to ensure the safety and freshness of aquatic products, Wuxinzhuang washes hands and disinfects every day before starting work, and disinfects the vehicles when the goods are delivered. “The company requires us to wear masks during transportation and report physical conditions every day. Once we ask for leave or go out, we must report the itinerary with the company. Especially during the Spring Festival, we must protect our own health and safety.”

At work, Wu Xinzhuang not only assumes the role of a driver, but also takes care of the aquatic products being transported-he must be familiar with how high the water temperature the fish needs and how much salinity the shrimp needs. The fish and shrimps are fresh and live when they are delivered to the store. This trip is considered complete.

Because of the epidemic, Wu Xinzhuang did not return to his hometown during the Spring Festival last year. This year he also responded to the call to celebrate the New Year in Guangdong. For employees who stay on the job during the New Year, the company will reward individuals with a reward of 3,000 yuan, and will also arrange rotations later. Wu Xinzhuang said: “Dekong will always make video contact with family members. Although it is a pity, everyone understands it well. After all, our job is to let more people have a good Spring Festival.”

The cargo transportation process must be well protected, and the owner Hema Fresh has also formulated many protective measures. “During the Spring Festival, stores implemented off-peak delivery for fresh delivery and freight, such as vegetables, fruits, meat and poultry, semi-finished vegetables, etc., will be planned to complete the receipt before 2 am. For aquatic seafood, it will be carried out according to the characteristics of specific products. Order in batches and arrive in batches. Some aquatic seafood that can be raised temporarily in some stores will arrive in advance; and if the breeding time is relatively short, they will try to arrange delivery to the store at 4 to 5 in the morning every day.”

Chen Jinzhi, a staff member of Hema Xiansheng Xinyicheng Store in Haizhu District, Guangzhou, said that in terms of epidemic prevention and control, delivery personnel and drivers will be required to wear masks, measure temperature, and scan health codes before green code personnel can enter the store to receive goods. unit. Imported goods must be fully documented before they can be received. During the Spring Festival, every stall in the store has formulated a strict sanitation, disinfection and cleaning plan.

“We do our best to prevent and control the epidemic, and strive to let everyone buy fresh and safe fresh food, and have a rest assured year.” Chen Jinzhi said.

Yu Shucheng, leader of the Chengdu community group buying service team in Sichuan——

“Contact the store for everyone to get the best price”

“Ding Ding Ding”…Early in the early morning of New Year’s Eve, Yu Shucheng’s cell phone rang one after another after finishing the meals to be prepared at home. He hurriedly clicked on new messages one by one. “It’s all group buying messages sent by community party members and owners,” Yu Shucheng said. Since his group purchase service team has been set up in Chenhui Community, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan, many people are willing to buy fruits and vegetables through group purchase. Convenient again!”

In the eyes of everyone, Yu Shucheng is a well-known enthusiast. After his retirement, he has more time to serve everyone. In January of this year, Wang Qi, secretary of the community party branch, approached him: “Uncle Yu, we are going to set up a community group buying party member volunteer service team. You are a veteran party member, can you be the leader of everyone?”

Without a second word, Lao Yu immediately agreed to Secretary Wang. He has been shopping online for many years, and he also knows a lot about online shopping for fresh food. “There are many elderly people in the community, and you really need someone who is knowledgeable to help buy some fruits and vegetables.”

Later, Lao Yu mobilized the party members of the branch to participate, and a 10-member community group buying party member volunteer service team was established, with Lao Yu as the leader. “Our main job is to contact the store for everyone and strive for the best price.” Lao Yu said.

As the Spring Festival approaches, Lao Yu has been busy helping the group buy fruits and vegetables these days to meet the needs of the New Year. Pointing to the order information that popped up one after another on his mobile phone, Lao Yu said that now he mainly buys through several online platforms such as Dingdong Shopping and Orange Xinyouyou. “Initiating a group purchase, as long as there are 20 people, the price can be cheaper by more than 10%. After the order is placed, the food can be delivered to the door by express delivery. Sometimes the food bought at night can be delivered early the next morning.”

In the past two days, the community group buying party member volunteer service team led by Lao Yu also plans to provide group buying opportunities for some semi-finished meals to everyone. “For middle-aged and elderly people, it saves the trouble of cooking, Ba Shi!”

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