New York Knicks point guard the future?

New York Knicks fans could be getting their attention for the future in the NBA next year.

The year 2021. The PA advertiser at Madison Square Garden is shouting into players over the loudspeaker on the Open Night. The crowd is moving to their feet, and they are highly praised for Knok rookie celebrations of New York.

“At a guard point from Chino Hills, California,… LaMelo Ball.”

Is this just a precursor or a direct idea by Knicks fans who have suffered for a long time?

LaMelo, the youngest brother of New Orleans Pelicans point guard, is Lonzo Ball, enjoying a successful campaign playing for Illawarra Hawks of the NBL – League League. He is a colleague of the joint NBA draft RJ Hampton, who would welcome everyone.

And the current stable at David Fizdale point guards are eagerly struggling with New York audiences during their 1-6 stretch, whether injury, underperformance, or loss of losing someone lost, is a non-exciting basketball becoming simultaneous with him. the brand Knicks.

Although I still believe that Frank Ntilikina has the potential to become a modern Manu Ginobili, the Frenchman, who had an impressive run during the FIBA ​​World Cup this summer, will not be much longer in uniform. Knicks. Sadly, deputy office Scott Perry and Steve Mills have failed to take full advantage of its potential.

Canada-born RJ Barrett, who has been selected third in the 2018 NBA Draft for Duke, has secured his Fizdale squad duties. While the media has severely criticized the management of the burden, the ba Maple Mamba ’certainly have leading-edge qualifications that allow for a larger lineup to be on the court. However, it should not be the responsibility of the 19-year-old to run an offense. That's why LaMelo Ball needs dynamic dynamic capabilities from the Knicks.

No one questioned the ability of LaMelo to compose. Since it was 15 years old, YouTube has scattered video highlights of the most extreme passports of the Wall Ball and unique court awareness. Not only is it very good, but it is from the charts that it becomes good.

Since it was registered at Chino Hills High School in California, there are many defensive and uncontested directions far beyond the arcade (Steph range Curry) shot the one-time UCLA commitment five. It is also explosive driving to the edge.

The shooter has 6 feet-7 at an average of 13.4 points, 6.9 rebounds at present, and helps 5.6 for over 29.9 minutes per game abroad. These are significant numbers from the position of point guards. He knows how to run a portion. Let us see it in bright lights New York City!

While “Lob City” ended a year ago when Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan left the Los Angeles Clippers, the East Coast is being rebranded on the East Coast by LaMelo and Mitchell Robinson connecting for help. and worthwhile prizes.

Just as he did his eldest brother, Lonzo, who was drafted at Los Angeles Lakers in 2017, the loudmouth Laoud LaMelo father speaks it?

It will take a bit of a strong start to snap LaMelo, but the current Knicks roster is taken to get a top option again, bearing in mind that the majority of the roster is on year dealings.

All aboard tank James Dolan!

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Some fans are already having fun considering the possibility that LaMelo will be playing with the Knicks using NBA 2K.

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