New York Stock Market: Dow closed up 95.83 points | RYT9

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed higher on Dec. 28, boosted by investor concerns about the impact of the coronavirus. However, the S&P500 and Nasdaq closed in negative territory due to selling in tech stocks. While vaccine company stocks fell. After the concern about the Omicron virus began to subside.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 36,398.21, up 95.83, or +0.26%, the S&P 500 closed at 4,786.35, down 4.84, or -0.10%, and the Nasdaq closed at 15,781.72, down 89.54, or -0.56%.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed in positive territory for four straight days last night. After research in South Africa, England and Scotland, each indicates that people infected with COVID-19 The Omicron strain has a low risk of hospitalization. and have fewer illnesses compared to those infected with the Delta strain.

The latest research by a team of scientists in South Africa states that Infection with the omikron strain increases the suppressive immunity. (Neutralizing Antibody) that can resist the Delta virus. By Alex Segal, a professor at the South African Institute of Health Research, said: If omikron is less virulent considering the outbreak in South Africa It may cause the delta species to disappear.

Seven of the 11 stocks in the S&P500 closed in positive territory, led by utility stocks up 0.93 percent and consumer goods stocks up 0.62 percent. PG&E Corporation was up 1.17 percent. C Energy was up 1.24%, Procter & Gamble (P&G) was up 0.54%, Tyson Foods was up 0.59%, and Kraft Heinz was up 1.21%.

Airline stocks soar After the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a recommendation for the government to shorten the time to quarantine Americans infected with COVID-19. Shares of United Airlines were up 1.55%, American Airlines was up 2.04 percent, Delta Air Lines was up 1.62 percent, and Southwest Airlines was up. 1.27%

Boeing shares jumped 1.46 percent on news Indonesia allowed Boeing 737 Max to resume normal service. After more than two years of suspension due to crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. which resulted in a large number of deaths

However, shares of the vaccine company fell after the market raised concerns about the impact of the Omicron strain. Pfizer fell 2.01%, Biotech was down 5.27 percent, Moderna was down 2.2 percent and Novavax was down 1.24%.

Technology shares also dropped, with Nvidia down 2.01%, Microsoft down 0.35%, Advanced Micro Devices down 0.78%, Apple down 0.58%, Intel down 0.35%.

For economic data released last night, S&P CoreLogic Case Schiller released a survey that said. The nationwide home price index in the United States rose 19.1 percent in October year on year. But it was below 19.7% in September, with house prices still being supported by demand from homebuyers. and tight home stock including low interest rates on mortgage loans



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