New Zealand declares a national emergency after a cyclone hits the North Island

New Zealand has declared a state of emergency after a cyclone hit the North Island, including Auckland, on the 12th.

Cyclone Gabriel continues to blow strong winds and heavy rain in the northern part of the North Island in New Zealand two days later, causing major damage such as floods, landslides, flooding of houses, and power cuts.

Emergency Management Secretary Kieran McAnulty said he had signed a document declaring a national emergency at 8:43am local time today.

At a press conference, Minister McAnulty explained the background to the national emergency declaration, saying, “Unprecedented weather events are threatening the lives of New Zealanders.” I did it.

“This is the third time in New Zealand’s history that a national emergency has been declared, following the Christchurch earthquake and the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said it would be possible.

In the middle of this, the local media reported that as Cyclone Gabriel swept through several areas in the north of the North Island for the third day, tens of thousands of homes were without electricity, and trains were suspended in the Auckland area until at least. noon today.