New Zealand Hipkins becomes Prime Minister Leader of the ruling Labor Party | NHK

Hipkins, who was elected as the new leader of the ruling Labor Party following the resignation of former prime minister Ardern in New Zealand, was sworn in as prime minister on the 25th.

Hipkins, who had served as New Zealand’s Minister of Education, took the oath before the Governor-General of New Zealand in Wellington, the capital, on the 25th and became Prime Minister.

Hipkins was first elected in the 2008 parliamentary elections, and from 2020 until last year, he led the fight against the novel coronavirus as Health Minister.

Ceproni, a woman whose father was from the Pacific island nation of Samoa, was appointed deputy prime minister.

It reflected the new administration’s stance of emphasizing diversity.

The new Prime Minister Hipkins said in a press conference, “I will focus on the problem of pressure on the cost of living that is facing the people,” and he emphasized the idea of ​​prioritizing measures to deal with inflation, which is increasing dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, Mr Ardern, who attended his last official event as prime minister on the 24th before resigning, said, “I was filled with love, empathy and kindness from most New Zealanders,” reflecting on his time and thanks the people. I told you.

As the successor to Mr Ardern, who has attracted attention for taking maternity leave and dealing with the new coronavirus, attention is focused on whether the new prime minister will win the support of the people.

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