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News catches France mock infection Develops highly effective inactivated vaccine Valneva

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#Covid19 This disease will stay with us today (24 Nov. Y. 64) Prof. Dr. Yong Phu Worawan, head of the center specializes in clinical virology. Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University stated that COVID-19 when a new outbreak attempts to eradicate Like the SARS epidemic in 2003, but it can’t be eliminated. The disease has spread all over the world. Later, there was an idea of ​​group immunity. end the epidemic provide the majority of the population with immunity By predicting the power of spreading the disease at 2-3, it will use about 60-70% of the group immunity. It should be possible to end the epidemic. But when there is a genetic change is a delta species The spread of any disease is rapid. and a new outbreak emerged

We now know that Vaccines prevent the severity of disease, reduce morbidity and death, and reduce hospital stays for the health system to survive. But it can’t prevent infection. group immunity hope therefore unable to calm the disease From the lessons of the flu Vaccines cannot prevent infection. can prevent risk groups, reduce morbidity and death and seasonal outbreaks The species has changed Therefore, species must be monitored. Choose the right breed used to develop annual vaccines, whether in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere The World Health Organization will determine

Covid-19 vaccine at the beginning of development see the way very bright It is more than 90% effective in reducing symptomatic illness, but in fact its effectiveness in prevention only occurs during the first few months. Over time, immunity decreases. The virus changes the species. The performance was greatly reduced in just 6 months. Obviously, the prophylaxis is reduced. Therefore, there is an effort to encourage Provide higher immunity and last longer

It is now known that the immunity generated by most vaccines. It will only be a part of the spikes of the virus. and immunity arising from vaccines Can’t fight immunity caused by infection If the infection is provoked by vaccination The efficacy of protection is higher than immunity from vaccine alone.

Mo Yong also stated that this logic is interesting. If simulating asymptomatic infection or the use of vaccines as similar to infection as possible and boosting with existing vaccines will be the most beneficial. France (Valneva) is developing a lethal vaccine. that provides high efficiency By adding two immune stimulants, Alum, like the Chinese vaccine, and adding one more CpG to simulate the most similar infections, the results of the study led many countries, especially in Europe. high hopes A large number of French vaccines are reserved.

from all the information, but that To reduce morbidity and mortality, everyone, especially those at risk, must get all vaccines. can’t wait for group immunity Thailand must vaccinate as much as possible. The goal of the Ministry of Public Health by December 5, 64 must complete 100 million doses of vaccination.

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