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[News Highlights]Chief Butler Shi Gang was removed from office and Li Keqiang lost his influence? | Yin Huiqiang | Glass Heart

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[Epoch Times October 27, 2021]Hello everyone, and welcome everyone to pay attention to “News Highlights”. I am Li Muyang. Today is October 26th (Tuesday) Eastern Time, and October 27th (Wednesday) Asia Time.

Today’s focus: Shi Gang, director of the Prime Minister’s Office, was removed, Li Keqiang stepped aside? The case was also destroyed in Wuhan, and the authorities were frustrated; in response to complaints rudely, party officials were dismissed; Kanter continued to criticize the practice, and the CCP reacted very rarely; Xu Jiayin was deprived of wool, and his private property was used to pay Evergrande debt? The glass heart beat the Chaoyang masses.

60 seconds news

Biden participated in the ASEAN Summit on the morning of the 26th. The White House revealed that Biden will announce at the meeting that the United States will provide $102 million in funding to strengthen relations with ASEAN member states and jointly counter the CCP.

White House National Security Adviser Sullivan confirmed on the 26th that Biden and Xi Jinping will arrange a bilateral video meeting before the end of the year, but he did not disclose the specific schedule. Sullivan said that Biden believes that it is very important to have the opportunity to meet with Xi Jinping. If Xi Jinping cannot attend in person, video conferencing is also a good choice.

US Secretary of State Blincoln called on the 26th that all UN member states should support Taiwan’s participation in the UN. He said that Taiwan’s participation in the United Nations is not a political issue, but a pragmatic issue. The Blinken statement pointed out that Taiwan has become a success story of democracy, supporting values ​​such as transparency, respect for human rights, and the rule of law, consistent with the values ​​of the United Nations.

Netizens broke the news on the 25th that Zhang Meng, the producer of the “Goose” factory, had been arrested for being involved in the movie “A Chinese Ghost Story” starring in Zheng Shuang. “Daily Business News” quoted a response from Tencent on the 26th that Zhang, the producer of Tencent’s video film and television project, violated the company’s “high-voltage line” and was suspected of violating the law. He has now been transferred to judicial authorities for handling.

The mainland real estate company Modern Land announced on the 26th that it was unable to repay the US$250 million bonds due on the 25th. This is the ninth real estate company that has defaulted in the Chinese dollar bond market this year after Oceanwide Holdings, Fantasia, Sunshine 100 China and other real estate companies.

As of 2 p.m. Eastern time on October 26, the number of newly diagnosed CCP viruses (Wuhan virus, COVID-19) globally was 371,451, and the total number of confirmed cases reached 244.8 million, 496; 6,049 deaths in a single day, cumulative The total number of deaths is 4,699,000.

Now enter today’s topic. It was more than a year before Li Keqiang resigned, but his chief butler was removed. The killing of the door was also reported in Wuhan, and the authorities’ rejection of the pot was caused by the “hate education” of schools and families. What are the reasons behind the frequent occurrence of such incidents in mainland China?

Evergrande’s debt crisis has never been resolved, but the CCP seems to have deliberately asked Xu Jiayin to pay for Evergrande’s debt. This is another step towards common prosperity. But it is also a drop in the bucket. How will it be solved later?

The director of the Prime Minister’s Office has been removed from office, Li Keqiang has no influence?

Yesterday (25th), the State Council of the Communist Party of China announced the appointment and dismissal information. In addition to the rapid promotion of Hua Chunying mentioned in our program yesterday, there is also a message that Shi Gang was removed from the position of deputy director of the Research Office of the State Council of the Communist Party of China, which seems to show that Li Keqiang has no influence now.

On the face of it, Shi Gang was removed from the post of deputy director of the research office, which seemed to be nothing. In fact, Shi Gang has another position, Director of the Office of Premier Li Keqiang.

According to public information, Shi Gang, 63, is from Tongcheng, Anhui, and Li Keqiang is a fellow from Anhui. At the end of 1985, after obtaining a master’s degree in engineering, he entered the Economic Forecasting Department of the State Information Center of the Communist Party of China and became a technocrat and a scholar-type official.

In 1997, Shi Gang was transferred to the former State Planning Commission and engaged in macroeconomic policy research and economic situation analysis. After Li Keqiang became the executive vice premier and was in charge of the Development and Reform Commission of the Communist Party of China, Shi Gang began to enter Li Keqiang’s vision.

“China Business News” quoted an insider as saying that Shi Gang was more cautious and pragmatic, and was selected as a key training for young cadres in his early years. In 2006, Shi Gang served as Director of the Comprehensive Department of the Development and Reform Commission for 7 years.

In March 2013, Li Keqiang became the Prime Minister of the Communist Party of China. Three months later, Shi Gang was promoted to deputy director of the Research Office of the State Council. About a month later, Shi Gang started concurrently as the director of Premier Li Keqiang’s office and officially became Li Keqiang’s chief steward.

On April 15 this year, Shi Gang accompanied Li Keqiang to Tsinghua University for an inspection. His identity at the time was the deputy director of the State Council Research Office and the director of the Prime Minister’s Office.

In terms of time, Shi Gang has been following Li Keqiang for 10 years. However, the Hong Kong media pointed out that Shi Gang has not been promoted to ministerial level after following Li Keqiang for 10 years, nor has he been appointed as deputy secretary-general of the State Council.

In fact, Shi Gang’s career development has shown signs in 2018. In January of that year, Shi Gang suddenly served as a member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, which already means that Shi Gang will retire in the near future.

The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference is recognized as the Chinese Communist Party’s political vase. It is said to be “participating in politics and discussing politics.” In fact, it is the department of the “elderly care transition” of CCP officials before they formally retire, slowly fading out of politics.

Hong Kong media said that the secretary’s movements reflect the influence of leaders to some extent.

According to the Chinese Communist Party’s Constitution, Li Keqiang will step down as prime minister at the Chinese Communist Party’s National People’s Congress in March 2023. It is said that Li Keqiang still has more than a year to abdicate, but Xi Jinping is now dealing with Li Keqiang’s men.

The dismissal of Shi Gang has already shown a sign. Although Li Keqiang is still the prime minister of the Chinese Communist Party, under the leadership of Xi Jinping, he has no real influence.

Wuhan also blasted the door case

The case of Ou Jinzhong in Putian, Fujian has not subsided. Today (26th) Wuhan police notified that Zhang Qihong, the branch secretary of Luohan Village, Xiaosi Township, Caidian District, and his family of 5 were killed at home.

According to the notification, at more than 1 am yesterday (25th), Gao Mouhui, a 39-year-old suspect in the city, ran away after holding a knife and killing 5 people and injuring 1 person. Gao Mouhui fled to Caidian City on the way, and two people died. At around 6 o’clock that morning, Gao Mouhui committed suicide by jumping off the Yangtze River Bridge. The police were searching.

According to the Mainland China News report, Zhang Qihong’s cousin lived next door. According to him, the incident happened at about 7:40 on the evening of the 24th. Gao Mouhui, who was driving by, walked into Zhang Qihong’s home, claimed that something was wrong, and left after 20 minutes, during which he found no unusual movement.

Zhang Qihong’s cousin said that he saw Gao Mouhui enter Zhang Qihong’s house at 7:40 and 50 with his own eyes, and heard him shouting, “Secretary Zhang, I have something to do with you.” After 20 minutes, Gao Mouhui left Zhang Qihong’s house.

According to Zhang Qihong’s cousin, Zhang Qihong’s cousin Zhang Qihua came to Zhang Qihong to “help drag the fish” late that night, and when no one answered the call, he knocked on the door and no one answered. Pushing open the door, they found that Zhang Qihong and his wife were lying in the living room. Their daughter-in-law was murdered in the corridor holding a child under one year old, and the two children upstairs were not spared. However, one of them was still angry and was rushed to the hospital for rescue.

According to a report by the new mainland media “Orange Persimmon Interaction”, the child who was sent to the hospital has been out of danger.

Why did Gao Mouhui kill Zhang Qihong’s house? The police did not explain. Some netizens said, “The murderer is inexcusable, and the village party secretary must also investigate.”

According to “Orange Persimmon Interaction”, a villager quoted as saying that Gao Mohui was also a villager in Luohan Village. He had been in prison for many years. It is not clear whether there is a personal grievance between Gao Mouhui and Zhang Qihong.

Another villager said that Gao Mohui might be more paranoid. He contracted the fish pond, but the fish pond was expropriated, and Gao Mouhui had not received the compensation, so he “goed to the secretary.” But it is not clear whether it has anything to do with the secretary. (News highlights)

Some netizens pointed out that people living in rural areas understand that the vast majority of village committees are controlled by village tyrants. The villagers have been unfairly oppressed for a long time and cannot move out of the village, so they can only endure the humiliation for a long time and dare not speak up. Because the whole family needs to survive, it has accumulated too much resentment for a long time, and there is no way to resolve it…

According to the information, Zhang Qihong worked as a village cadre in the village before becoming the secretary of Luohan Village in July 2020 and was responsible for flood control work. In 2016, Zhang Qihong included his nephew in the scope of assistance in the registration subsidy for the transfer and resettlement of Luohan Village in Caidian District, Wuhan City and the winter and spring life assistance funds, and distributed 1,920 yuan in corresponding funds.

In fact, Zhang Qihong’s nephew did not meet the conditions for the authorities’ rescue, so Zhang Qihong was notified by Wuhan authorities in June 2017.

Whether this is the cause of Gao Mouhui’s assault on Zhang Qihong’s family, we cannot be sure. However, it can be seen from media reports that Gao’s assault did not seem to be caused by a temporary conflict.

Authorities dumped “education”, netizens fell back on one side

The mainland media NetEase published a commentary “Calling for the End of All Hate Education.” The article stated that two massacres occurred in a short period of time. “We should reflect on the hatred education we have instilled in every member of society since childhood in the name of justice and pervasiveness.”

The article stated that it was this kind of “hate education” that caused some “persons with personality defects” to outrageously choose to kill others after being “wronged” and “injustice,” and then they would all die together. The article stated that whether it is a school or a family, “now is the time to stop instilling hatred education in our children since childhood.”

Obviously, this is an article to clean up the party. It is not the first time to find out why this happened, but it stands on the moral high ground and pretends to call for the end of hatred education.

In fact, it is correct to call for the end of hate education, but this article puts the responsibility on the school and family, and seems to guide people to believe that school and family education is the root cause of such frequent tragedies.

In fact, it has always been the CCP who instilled hatred education in people. Just as a post that more than 3,000 people agreed with asked, “Who has been instilling hatred?” Some netizens asked, “Does the anti-Japanese drama count hate education?”

In addition, this article identified the perpetrators as “persons with personality defects.” The reason for the perpetrators was simply because of some “injustice” and “injustice.” This view also caused a rebuttal from netizens.

A netizen wrote, “The sorrows and joys of people are not the same. No one knows the suffering of Ou Jinzhong living in a tin shed, but a large number of people popped out to tell him not to go to extremes…” Some netizens wrote, “No. It dies in silence, and it erupts in silence.” Others said, “An incident in Eugene cannot be resolved, only more emerge.”

To make a statement, I am by no means in favor of violence, I am just presenting the opinions of netizens.

Rudely respond to public complaints that the party has no wrong officials to force people to rebel

Today (26th) “South China Morning Post” reported such an incident. Yin Huiqiang, member of the Standing Committee of Pingshan County of Hebei Province and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, was removed from office. The reason is that he used “simple and rude” methods to reply to people’s messages, which “caused adverse effects.”

Local media reported that on September 12, Yin Huiqiang’s mobile phone received a short message from the public, which read “I sent you a long text + web link.” Yin Huiqiang didn’t even read the content of the short message link, and directly replied with the word “roll”.

In fact, the short message was a complaint letter sent to him by Guan Cuimin, a citizen of Pingshan County. Because the house was demolished, there was no result after 8 years of rights protection. Guan Cuimin accused him of inaction and disorderly conduct by many local government departments, refusal to file cases, refrain from investigating long-standing cases, and condone violent demolition. The purpose of sending him a message is to hope that he can help solve the problem.

In fact, Yin Huiqiang’s incident is a microcosm of the CCP officials’ handling of problems, and it embodies the arrogance of the CCP officials’ power. This incident is also an epitome of the CCP government’s handling of non-governmental issues. It is not to solve the problem, but to suppress the problem forcefully.

But to deal with problems in this way can only mean that the problems accumulate and the contradictions become more rigid and confrontational. A netizen in Suzhou, Jiangsu, wrote the famous line of Lao Tzu, “The people are not afraid of death, but they are afraid of death.”

Yang Haiying, a professor of anthropology at Shizuoka University in Japan, told Free Asia that similar cases have appeared in China from time to time, reflecting that the relationship between the Chinese government and the people has been in a state of tension. He explained that in the mechanism of China’s official-civilian relationship, no third party can mediate disputes between the two parties or bring justice to the people. This has led to many cases where people have no recourse to complain, and they have to resort to extreme methods as a last resort.

Yang Haiying pointed out that “there is a prerequisite for this happening, that the party is always right. Even if the party makes mistakes, only the party can uphold justice, and the people do not have this right. If the people get justice, it is also allowed by the party. To get justice for you. From a certain point of view, it is a state in which the government forces the people to rebel, and the people have to rebel.”

Kanter’s continuous criticism of the CCP’s reaction is rare

Even foreigners can’t stand the CCP’s perverse actions. NBA star and Celtics center Kanter recently bombarded Beijing’s leaders for “dictatorship” and “brutality” on Twitter. But this time the CCP’s reaction was strange.

After Kanter spoke for Tibet a few days ago, the Turkish player has recently spoken for Xinjiang. Kanter said in the video, “The cruel and ruthless Chinese (CCP) dictator Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party, I appeal to you in front of the world: close slave labor camps, release Uyghurs, and immediately stop genocide!”

Kanter also emphasized, “Someone has to teach you, I will never apologize for telling the truth” and so on. The succession of Kanter’s voices for human rights in China, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China only said that Kanter is “boosting people’s eyeballs” in this way.

Tencent only blocked the Celtics game where Kanter was. The broadcast of other NBA teams’ games has not been affected in any way. This kind of treatment is quite rare for the CCP.

As you all remember, in 2019, Morey, then manager of the NBA Rockets, expressed support for the peaceful struggle in Hong Kong, which caused the CCP to block all NBA broadcasts. But at that time, Morey merely stated on Twitter that he “fight for freedom and support Hong Kong”, and he did not make a video.

Even so, the CCP was furious and forced Morey to delete the tweet immediately. Not only that, after a series of NBA stars kneeled to the CCP, the CCP still blocked the NBA for a year.

Compared with Morey’s statement, Kanter’s criticism is more direct and targeted. He not only criticized the CCP directly, but also called Xi Jinping by name, calling him “a brutal dictator.” However, the CCP’s response to Kanter’s criticism was “very weak.”

And so far, the NBA has never issued any statement on Kanter’s criticism of the CCP, and no big-name star has come out to kneel before the CCP.

Shen Rongqin, an associate professor at York University in Canada, believes that the reason for the CCP’s weakness against Kanter is the same as that of Biden’s toughness against the CCP. “The two sides have reached a tacit understanding and will reach some cooperative consensus in the upcoming video conference.” If the two sides do not cooperate with each other, the CCP should be tough on Kanter and let the NBA become a bargaining chip.

However, some netizens believe that it may be that Xi Jinping’s re-election has encountered resistance, and now it is necessary to settle down first, and then ban outsiders.

Will Xu Jiayin’s quilted wool be used for Hengda’s private money?

Today (26th), Bloomberg News quoted a source as saying that the Chinese Communist Party told Xu Jiayin to use his personal wealth to deal with Evergrande’s deepening debt crisis. In other words, Xu Jiayin may have been sacked by the CCP.

According to insiders, Beijing’s instructions to Xu Jiayin were issued after Evergrande missed the September 23 debt repayment date. The insider disclosed anonymously that local governments across China are monitoring Evergrande’s bank accounts to ensure that the company’s cash is used for unfinished housing projects, rather than paying creditors.

According to Bloomberg’s analysis, the Chinese Communist Party’s request that Xu Jiayin use his wealth to pay Evergrande’s debts shows that the Chinese Communist Party is still unwilling to use government funds to help Evergrande.

The Chinese Communist authorities require Xu Jiayin to use private money to repay Evergrande’s debt. This approach is consistent with the “common prosperity” that Xi Jinping has been advocating recently. The article stated that the Beijing authorities have been cracking down on the billionaire class as part of his “common prosperity” in order to narrow the widening gap between the rich and the poor in China.

I just don’t know, can Xu Jiayin’s personal wealth fill that huge hole in Evergrande? As of June this year, Evergrande’s liabilities have reached more than 300 billion US dollars, nearly 2 trillion yuan. Xu Jiayin’s personal wealth has been severely reduced.

Bloomberg said that most of Xu Jiayin’s known wealth comes from his controlling stake in Evergrande and the dividends he received after listing in Hong Kong. But after reaching a peak of 42 billion U.S. dollars in 2017, Xu Jiayin’s net assets have continued to shrink significantly, and now it is only 7.8 billion U.S. dollars. Even so, this figure carries considerable uncertainty.

US$7.8 billion is just a drop in the bucket relative to US$300 billion. Even if Xu Jiayin’s thick leek is uprooted, it is less than 1/30. Therefore, some people say that if Evergrande’s crisis continues to spread to other developers, and the sentiment of the real estate market deteriorates seriously, the CCP government may still be forced to take action.

However, the CCP government is now empty in its treasury. Will it have money to pay off Evergrande’s debt? Even if there is still a little money, will the CCP dare to spend a lot of money to pay for Evergrande?

Free Asia quoted the Chinese government’s public data. As of the end of the first quarter of this year, China’s foreign debt balance was US$25,266 billion, its foreign reserves balance was US$31,700 billion, and its net foreign exchange reserves were US$643.4 billion.

However, it should be noted that as early as the end of 2015, China’s net foreign reserves were 2 trillion yuan, and by 2020 it will fall below 1 trillion yuan, an average annual reduction of 300 billion US dollars. At this rate, by 2024, China will become a country with a net negative foreign debt.

In other words, at this rate of development, in another two years, the CCP will lose all of its wealth. The CCP should also see this crisis. If $300 billion is now used to plug the hole in Evergrande, it may die faster.

I think everyone should understand. Even if the CCP orders Xu Jiayin to take out all of his property, it will not help. It is also unlikely that the CCP will fully support the situation and take over the mess of Evergrande.

However, the CCP may ask a certain real estate developer to take over. But Evergrande is China’s largest real estate developer. Who has such strength to fill Evergrande’s huge shortfall first? So in the end, it is not others, but ordinary people who suffer in the end.

Poor perception of the glass heart broken by 17 million people in Chaoyang

Finally, let’s talk about “Glass Heart” and “Crowds in the Sun”. These two were originally unrelated matters, but after being given specific meanings, the two unrelated matters also became related.

“Glass Heart” refers to the song “Glass Heart” sung by Malaysian Chinese singer Huang Mingzhi and Australian Chinese singer Chen Fangyu. From the time it was put on YouTube, more than 17 million people have watched it in 11 days, and it will soon exceed 18 million.

This song uses various elements of little pink to indulge in a vivid description of the CCP’s internal cutting of leeks, brainwashing, and the expedition of foreign war wolves. So this amount of reading has shown that people generally have anti-communist sentiments.

Huang Mingzhi said yesterday (25th), “When you are silent to the iron fist, you are instigating and encouraging it. One day, the iron fist will hit you on the head sooner or later, and everyone will not be able to escape…”

He even more modestly said, “”Glass Heart” will receive so much attention. I think the song itself is not so powerful, but many people have already awakened… I often say that although the song was written by me, After I write it, it not only represents me, it represents the reflection and resonance in the hearts of every listener who loves it. The more people I love, the greater the degree of resonance, which is the general trend…”

Seeing that “Glass Heart” keeps breaking new records and becoming more and more influential, the CCP seems to be anxious. So “Crowds of the Sun” was sent to PK with “Glass Heart”.

However, the “Crowds in the Sun” mentioned here is not the real “Crowds in the Sun”, but also a song. Speaking of which, this song is several years earlier than “Glass Heart”. It was there in 2016, and it was also put on the stage by Beijing Chaoyang Branch in 2018. Now it has been posted on Twitter and uploaded to YouTube. But the number of people watching this song is a bit pitiful.

A colleague of mine was curious and watched “Crowds in the Sun” once, and then told me that the performance was wearing a police uniform, followed by a group of aunts twisting and jumping, and the impression was quite bad.

A colleague said that the lyrics of “Crowds in the Sun” are full of political implications. For example, “Who is so powerful, the news is accurate and reliable. It turns out that it is the people in the sunrise, who knows everything”, and “there are their secret whistles everywhere in the streets and alleys. It is the dancing aunt, or the security guard at the door, lying in ambush on all sides, outflanking, No flies can run away” and so on.

Compared with the lyrics, setting and creativity of “Glass Heart”, the two are totally different. As I mentioned in the previous program, “Glass Heart” uses clever Chinese elements to correspond to various things in China. There is no offensive language in the whole song, but everyone will feel alive and smile when they hear it.

I have also seen a lot of netizens leave messages under “Crowds of the Sun”, but negative comments accounted for the vast majority. Some people directly left the word “disgusting”. Some netizens said, “Why not set up a bad review button.”

Biden publicly promised to defend Taiwan, which led the CCP to cooperate with Russia in an unprecedented military exercise in the Western Pacific, and the Chinese and Russian fleets circled Japan. The CCP’s original intention was to fight against the United States, but it did not expect to be heavily used by Russia.

In today’s cultural highlights, let’s talk about the CCP’s lament that “China and Russia are not allies, they are better than allies.” Everyone is welcome to learn more in the member area of ​​YouLok. The URL of our membership website is http://muyangshow.com, and there is also http://youlucky.biz.

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