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[News Highlights]”General” Tsai Ing-wen “General” CCP jumped and called back | US troops stationed in Taiwan | Ruili Epidemic

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[EpochTimesOctober292021]Hello everyone, and welcome everyone to pay attention to “News Highlights”. I am Li Muyang. Today is October 28th (Thursday) Eastern Time, and October 29th (Friday) Asia Time.

Today’s focus: Tsai Ing-wen proves that the US military stationed in Taiwan, Beijing was “generalized”; a pack of wolves frantically shouted “return”, well-known think tanks predicted risks, the United States should implement a “rejection strategy”; the former deputy mayor of Ruili called for help, and the current mayor refused to assist. ; The man jumped from the building to despair, and life was like waiting to die.

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On the 27th, the Indian government stated that India successfully tested an “Agni-5” intercontinental ballistic missile, which can carry a nuclear warhead and fly a distance of 5,000 kilometers. The Associated Press said that this flight distance can cover all regions of China.

Statistics released by the Spanish National Bureau of Statistics on the 28th showed that inflation increased by 5.5% annually in October, the fastest increase in 29 years. In September 1992, the annual rate of inflation in Spain was 5.8%. Spain is the fourth largest economy in the Eurozone, and the main reason for rising inflation is the skyrocketing electricity prices and rising natural gas prices.

Reuters reported that Huawei paid the well-known Democratic lobbyist Podesta $1 million in lobbying fees, which was twice the amount previously disclosed to the public. His brother John not only served as a senior White House adviser to Obama, but also Clinton’s campaign chairman.

Australian Foreign Minister Payne said on the 28th that the Chinese Communist Party’s ambassador to Australia, Cheng Jingye, will leave after the end of his term. The new ambassador will arrive in Australia in the near future.

A forest fire broke out in Chayu County, Linzhi City, Tibet on the 27th, burning for more than 24 hours. The authorities mobilized 529 people to fight the fire and excavated two isolation belts about 12 kilometers long and 25 meters wide. But so far, the official has not announced the area of ​​the fire site.

As of 2 p.m. Eastern time on October 28, the number of newly diagnosed CCP viruses (Wuhan virus, COVID-19) worldwide reached 493,202, and the total number of confirmed cases reached 245.768,686; there were 9,042 deaths in a single day, cumulative The total number of deaths is 4,987,767.

Now enter today’s topic. Tsai Ing-wen personally confirmed that Taiwan had deployed US troops and severely “smashed” the CCP army. The CCP war wolves immediately screamed in groups, threatened to counter, and retaliated. Is there a real danger of armed conflict in the Taiwan Strait?

The former deputy mayor of Ruili of Yunnan issued a long message calling for help, but the current mayor said immediately that Ruili did not need assistance. What happened to Ruili? What is the truth?

Tsai Ing-wen proves that the content of the US military training in Taiwan is exposed

Following the disclosure of the Wall Street Journal on the 7th that the US military has been secretly stationed in Taiwan for at least a year, the President of the Republic of China Tsai Ing-wen personally confirmed that there are indeed US troops stationed in Taiwan and are training the national army.

In an exclusive interview with CNN, Tsai Ing-wen pointed out that if Beijing attacks Taiwan, “it is true that they have complete confidence in this.” The United States will come to assist in defense. She confirmed with affirmative tone that the United States does indeed have troops deployed in Taiwan.

However, Tsai Ing-wen would not disclose how many US troops are in Taiwan, only saying that the number is “not as large as the outside world imagined.” According to media reports, there are currently 32 US troops in Taiwan. But the number of people is not important. What is important is that it is of great significance. It symbolizes that the US government will defend Taiwan against the Chinese Communists’ aggression.

Tsai Ing-wen said, “We have extensive cooperation with the United States to improve our defense capabilities.” But Tsai Ing-wen also expressed his willingness to sit down with Xi Jinping to discuss cross-strait relations, avoid “misunderstandings and misjudgments,” and hope for peaceful coexistence.

In fact, the deployment of US troops in Taiwan has long been an open secret. At the beginning of last year, the U.S. military released but then deleted a video that showed U.S. special forces training the national army in Taiwan.

On the 25th, “Business Insider” of the United States pointed out that since the United States recognized Beijing in 1979, the United States has not formally stationed troops in Taiwan, “but it does not mean that the United States has not helped Taiwan,” but it was a secret.

Business Insider” disclosed that the US military has always been in contact with the Taiwan military, and it also disclosed the methods and contents of secret training of special forces known as “green berets” in Taiwan. Among them, the formation of a blockade and encirclement of China (the CCP) is one of the important considerations for the United States.

The report quoted former members of the “Green Berets” as introducing that in the US military’s operations in the Indo-Pacific region, the First Special Operations Brigade was mainly responsible for cooperation with Taiwan and other allies to form a blockade and encirclement of the CCP. The training content for the national army includes armed diving attacks and parachuting surprise attacks.

The report pointed out that if there is a war between the United States and China, the partner commandos that the United States Special Forces have assisted in the formation or training for decades will be an advantage for the United States. Moreover, the stationed “green berets” can also be one step ahead of defense or attack, slowing down the CCP’s army, or distracting, and buying time for the United States and allies to deploy troops.

Beijing was caught by the “General” and the wolves shouted “Return”

As “Business Insider” said, the stationing of US troops in Taiwan is a secret matter. The United States and Taiwan did not pierce this layer of window paper before, mainly because they did not want to provoke Beijing.

And Beijing is also very likely to know the situation of US troops stationed in Taiwan. Just because the U.S. and Taiwan are not open to the public, Beijing is not easy to get angry. In fact, there is nothing wrong with it. If you can’t stop it, you just open one eye and close the other. (News highlights)

In other words, the three parties, the United States, China, and Taiwan, have maintained a state of “equilibrium” in silence before, and they are fighting secretly. But now Tsai Ing-wen has publicly confirmed that there are US troops stationed in Taiwan, and he has lifted the lid. In fact, it is an “anti-general” army in Beijing, which makes the CCP very uncomfortable.

Why did Tsai Ing-wen take this step? In the final analysis, the reason is still in Beijing. The CCP has forced Taiwan to this point and has to “reverse the general.”

In the past two years, the CCP has sent military aircraft to harass Taiwan’s air defense identification zone almost regularly. Especially in recent weeks, the number of Chinese military aircraft has surged, causing the situation in the Taiwan Strait to heat up suddenly.

Tsai Ing-wen’s interview on CNN pointed out that the CCP is “ambitious and expansionist. Therefore, there are things that they could accept but cannot accept now.” Therefore, Taiwan “must prepare itself” and “continue to strengthen its self-defense ability. And enhance asymmetric combat power.” But Tsai Ing-wen also pointed out that even so, the two sides of the strait can still “peacefully coexist.”

The CCP was “anti-general”, and several war wolves went crazy today (28th), sending out various threats continuously.

Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that he “resolutely opposes” any form of official exchanges and military ties between the United States and Taiwan, and opposes interference by the United States in the internal affairs of China (the Chinese Communist Party). He claimed that “people who split the country never end well.”

The spokesman of the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of National Defense, Tan Kefei, claimed that if the United States continues to “use Taiwan Kehua (community)” and attempt to “cut sausages” to substantially enhance US-Taiwan military ties, China will “resolutely counter and fight back.”

“Panman” Hu Xijin even said, “Tsai Ing-wen confirmed the existence of the US military in Taiwan for the first time and died!” “No matter what the purpose, the US military stationed in Taiwan must break the bottom line, and it is one of the most dangerous factors to detonate a war in the Taiwan Strait. .”

Beijing’s Taiwan policy remains unchanged?Low probability of cross-strait conflict

Hu Xijin posted on Weibo, “If the DPP authorities see that the mainland has not taken military actions today, they will believe that they will not take any military actions in the future. The mainland will condone any actions that undermine China’s (CCP) national sovereignty. That is an extremely dangerous misjudgment. “, “Only they die in the end.”

Hu Xijin’s statement is actually a withdrawal statement. On the 8th of this month, he threatened on Twitter that if the U.S. troops stationed in Taiwan “wear U.S. uniforms and disclose the location of their bases. Then see if the People’s Liberation Army will launch targeted air strikes to eliminate these American invaders.” . He also claimed, “The re-entry of US troops to Taiwan? That would mean war.”

So will the CCP send troops to attack Taiwan by force? I once told a joke that the teacher told us, “A dog biting a person is not news, but a person biting a dog is considered news.” Hu Xijin’s argument is too much, but it is not news.

The South China Morning Post, with a CCP background, quoted Song Zhongping, a former CCP military instructor today (28th), as saying that Tsai Ing-wen’s revelations were “a serious provocation to Beijing, a serious political and military provocation.”

However, Song Zhongping believes that “the PLA should not act rashly.” He predicted that “Beijing will insist on peaceful reunification and win the support of the people of Taiwan.”

Zhu Songling, a professor at the Institute of Taiwan Studies of Beijing Union University, also believes that Beijing’s Taiwan strategy will not change much. He stated that even if Beijing “resolves the Taiwan issue through war or other means, there will still be development problems. There are still problems in containing China (the CCP) in the world, and Beijing must face it.” Zhu Songling analyzed, “It now appears that China should seize the period of strategic opportunity to promote development.”

“Peaceful reunification”, to put it bluntly, means not using force, that is, not attacking Taiwan. The reason behind it has been said many times. The CCP did not dare to fight, and attacking Taiwan is tantamount to the CCP seeking its own death.

Lin Changzuo, a member of the Taiwan Legislative Council, said that even if there is no fundamental change in US policy, Washington’s attention to Taiwan’s fate will only increase as the CCP’s influence and military threats escalate.

Lin Changzuo said, “Twenty years ago, people might think that the Taiwan Strait issue was a Taiwanese problem, but no one now thinks that. The international problem we are facing is not just a military issue, but the spread of autocracy.”

As for “striving for the support of the Taiwanese people,” this is even more ridiculous. Many people in the ruling and opposition parties in Taiwan have long seen the evil of the CCP and their anti-Communist consciousness is quite strong. How can they accept the CCP’s rule?

Perhaps there are some pro-Communist people who have not seen the CCP thoroughly for a while, and they are not mainstream public opinion in Taiwan. Therefore, “striving for the support of the Taiwanese people” is to find a step for the CCP.

The latest report from the “Economist” think tank also believes that although there is a danger of conflict between the two sides of the strait, the “probability is relatively low.” Among the top 10 global risks next year, the risk of “cross-strait conflicts and forcing the United States to intervene” and “severe drought causing famine” are tied for the last two.

But that being said, the CCP’s threat to Taiwan still exists, and all parties must still be cautious. This is because there are many signs that the CCP’s military threat to Taiwan has taken shape.

Taiwan Strait smells strong?Beauty should be prepared

The Wall Street Journal said yesterday (27th) that there are three signs that the CCP is forming an important military threat to Taiwan. The US should act as soon as possible to prevent Beijing from using force against Taiwan.

The author of the article is Elbridge Colby, Assistant Secretary of Defense during Trump’s (Trump) era. He has observed that after the Biden administration has repeatedly expressed support for Taiwan, the CCP has already expressed dissatisfaction. He is very worried that although the CCP does not currently have sufficient strength, the battle in Taiwan has already shown ups and downs.

First of all, the CCP has stated that in order to seize Taiwan, it does not rule out the use of force. The CCP wants to show its strength to Asian countries after it has captured Taiwan. This is an important step for the CCP to rule Asia.

Colby pointed out that the CCP has already practiced “amphibious assaults,” and commercial satellite images have also proved that the CCP has practiced large-scale attacks against the US military in the region.

Secondly, the CCP’s ambition to invade Taiwan has long been known to everyone, and its ability to carry out attacks is getting stronger and stronger. The article stated that China has spent 25 years modernizing its military, and now it has the world‘s largest navy, advanced air force, missile systems, and satellite network.

Colby believes that although this does not mean that the CCP will immediately attack Taiwan and successfully invade Taiwan, “Beijing may be very close.”

In addition, the Chinese Communist Party may think that it has not had enough time to “army Taiwan” and the window of opportunity is closing, so Beijing may decide to use force sooner. Colby said that this was the main factor in the outbreak of the two world wars, and Beijing may now think so too.

Combining these three signs, Colby said that the assumption within the Biden administration that the CCP will not use force is too light. “It is not enough to repeatedly emphasize the promise to Taiwan to be’solid as a rock.'” The United States should take measures as soon as possible to prepare for a war between Taiwan and the CCP, because this can deter the CCP from invading Taiwan, which is a “rejection strategy.”

Colby believes that the transfer of American military power to Asia is correct, and the problem of US military inadequacy in Asia must be resolved. But the top priority is “to assist Taiwan in completely reforming its defense system and increasing its defense budget.” Only with the assistance of the United States can the possibility of the CCP invading Taiwan be reduced, and at the same time, it can resist the CCP’s bombing and blockade.

Colby pointed out that the United States needs to defend Taiwan and then any other allies in the region so that they can defend their sovereignty from being affected. “Actually, this means sinking the invading fleet, shooting down the invading fighters, and killing, expelling or capturing the CCP soldiers who landed in Taiwan. Although this is not a complete victory, it is enough for us.”

The mayor of Ruili refused to assist the former deputy mayor calling for help and complaining

Today (28th) Yunnan Ruili Mayor Shang Labian said that there is a lot of support from superiors, and Ruili does not need assistance for the time being. This post appeared on Weibo and was quickly topped the hot search list. Below, many netizens slumped and expressed doubts and scolding.

The net name “Hua Luocheng Eclipse” wrote, “Unbelievable, the Mayor of Ruili really made it clear that he did not want to help? Unbelievable. Not to mention Wuhan, the Mudanjiang epidemic did not refuse aid, and the floods in Henan, Hebei, Anhui and Shanxi did not refuse aid. Refused to help? Unbelievable.”

Some netizens said, “Is this mayor a Chinese?” “This mayor needs to step down. I hope that the relevant departments will listen to the voice of the people.”

“Luchuan Wild Rose” wrote, hoping to hear more of the real voices of the people. “The people who are suffering are the people, and the people who need assistance are also the people; the people who mourn the hardship of the people’s livelihood, everyone hopes to get better soon, instead of blindly concealing something.”

Netizens responded so much to Shang Labian’s statement. What is the reason?

Earlier today (28th), Dai Rongli, the former deputy mayor of Ruili, posted a long article, “This heroic city needs the care of the motherland.” Dai Rongli publicly appealed, “Please save this heroic city! Please pay attention to this beautiful border town!”

The article stated that the epidemic has plundered over and over again, “squeezing out the last trace of vitality in the city, swallowing the hope that countless people have just ignited. Many people wait in hope, and feel endless torture and suffering while waiting. “.

Dai Rongli said that the virus has struck again and again, and Ruili has undergone “five lockdowns”, which has caused “countless dislocations in all aspects of the city. Once the city is closed, there will be a serious emotional and material loss, and a resistance. In the experience of the epidemic, there have been layers of grievances.”

According to the article, public servants have become accustomed to sticking to them for a long time, and have endured rounds of hardships in their exhaustion. The common people “have exhausted their daily needs through torture, and when another epidemic comes, the people of this city, Finally once again helplessly become a receiver of passive life, lack of singing, lack of hope, lack of business continuity to maintain a livelihood.”

Dai Rongli wrote, “Although dedicated cadres will be removed from their posts during several epidemics, in all fairness, the financial strains, the hardships and the arduous responsibility of national protection have made this small city unable to bear its weight. People’s complaints arise at any time; the government is more cautious, nightmares and illusions one after another, this small city is suffering from a catastrophe that is rare in a thousand years.”

Dai Rongli pointed out, “Barbed wire cannot stop the desire to survive, and adequate protection is the basis of relief.” “The long-term lockdown of the city has formed a deadlock in the development of this city.”

Who on earth is the Mayor of Ruili and the former deputy mayor telling the truth?

Everyone is desperate!Ruili has become an empty city

According to the “Chinese Philanthropist” magazine, Ruili has experienced continuous outbreaks in the past year. The latest epidemic broke out in July, and it has been more than three months, but Ruili is still at the quarantine checkpoint.

According to the report, since July, Ruili citizens have successively posted posts on social platforms, reflecting that “life is difficult, and it is even harder to leave Ruili.” An internet post showed that “Ruili has become an empty city” and “the permanent resident population has dropped from 500,000 to 100,000.”

Some netizens posted that, “I filled in a lot of forms and only received 1 catty of rice”, “There is no way to live,” “The masses call the hotline and it was exploded.” Everyone is desperate” and so on.

Some people said that from the first round of the epidemic in March this year to the second round of the epidemic in July, and then staying at home again on August 3, they have not worked. Without financial resources, life is difficult. It is also said that ordinary Ruili people are under tremendous pressure when local factories are shut down, commerce is shut down, and trade is shut down.

On October 26, a netizen who claimed to be a “ruili student” posted a message asking for help. The post stated that now the entire sister-in-law area has been emptied, and his family has been rushed to Ruili to lose their source of livelihood, and there is a home that cannot be returned. This year there was no income, and the government did not give any subsidies. This is the case for countless local families.

The netizen described that some elderly people who were out of town died and could not even see the last side; if someone was diagnosed, the Ruili government would drag all the people in the community to the isolation zone where the environment was very bad… Some people who asked for help on the Internet Being detained, “the people of Ruili have been tortured and collapsed both in terms of materials and psychology.”

Today (28th) Epoch Times interviewed a resident of Ruili City. She used the pseudonym “Cui Yingzi” and said that a friend of her civil servants told her, “Everyone is desperate, depressed and suffering.”

Cui Yingzi’s sister is a teacher at the No. 1 Middle School next door to Ruili, and she drove on the highway for 20 minutes. But because of the epidemic, he has not been able to go home since school started at the end of August. Her brother-in-law is a civil servant and has been guarding the side for more than a year.

Cui Yingzi said, “Their (sister’s) child is less than 2 years old, and parents can’t go home.” The sky collapses once, and I want to quit my job and go home…”

The whole city shouts “Help me”, the people have no way to survive

The owner of the jewellery business under the pseudonym “Lin Quan” is from Sichuan. He told The Epoch Times that since his sister’s lockdown on March 29, he has not earned a cent, and he is now living by overdraft or borrowing money from his family.

Lin Quan said, “The stalls (shops) over there have been closed, and all the stores, live broadcasts, and express delivery have all been stopped. How do you do business? Nothing to do, no market entry, all of them are closed. Now, how do you live?”

Lin Quan also told The Epoch Times, “Everyone is almost gone. About 90% of the stores are down. They are all closed. They can’t survive. Basically they are gone. The only ones left are the locals and those who bought houses there. Of (people).”

Lin Quan said that the people in Ruili are miserable now. The people have no income and no way to survive. Now the government is making money for epidemic prevention, and they have jobs. “Who dare to say anything? Which one is not afraid, the staff below (government) hold chicken feathers as an arrow, just like this to fool the people.”

Lin Quan pointed out, “During the live broadcast of the central government’s live broadcast network, the screens were all maxed out and the broadcast stopped. (At that time) the people in Ruili were shouting “Help me, help me.” That is indeed Ruili’s current situation. Everyone is complaining about the livelihood of the city.”

The situation described by a barber shop owner is similar to what Lin Quan said. The boss’s pseudonym Cheng Hao said, “For seven full months, I couldn’t start business, I couldn’t resume work and production, students couldn’t go to school, and my life was nothing. I couldn’t go to the streets to buy groceries. I bought them online. expensive.”

Unknown man jumped off the building, life is like waiting to die

At 4 am the day before yesterday (26th), a man surnamed Jin jumped from the 4th floor of a hot spring hotel. After emergency rescue, the current vital signs have stabilized.

However, the Ruili Rong Media Center said today (28th) that the man was not a quarantined person, but he chose to commit suicide because of his introverted personality and unsatisfactory work. The report urged the public to “not spread, believe, or spread rumors.”

What is the truth of the matter? The outside world is hard to know. Lin Quan said that outside media could not enter, and even some media were afraid to report it. News in Ruili City was blocked by the propaganda department. At the current government briefing, the officials are covering up the facts, and they are also going through the scene, including the governor’s ten days to clear the zero to swear, and they are also doing a show.

After the announcement of Ruili City Rong Media Center was issued, it was quickly searched. However, some netizens said, “The city has been suspended for half a year, and the hot search is not available. Hundreds of thousands of people can’t live without the hot search, and the forced isolation cannot be used. The work is not going well? Because the locals have no work to do!”

Lin Quan also mentioned the man’s jumping off the building. He said that he did jump off the building. He was in his twenties. He jumped from the fifth floor and hung on the tree without falling to his death. At around 4 in the morning, his family cried so much that they alarmed the entire neighbourhood of the building.

Lin Quan didn’t know the specific reason for jumping off the building, but he said, “There are many factors, including the experience of the people in Ruili. Everyone’s mental state, no matter what the situation, will be very melancholy.”

Cheng Hao, the owner of the barbershop, also said that the jump was real. “There have been several jumps, but there is no report. He said, “If you have no income, if you have a mortgage or a car loan, there is absolutely only one dead end, which is to wait for death.”

Biden recently promised to “defend Taiwan,” which provoked the Chinese Communist Party’s official media “People’s Daily” overseas edition to scold the United States. He claimed that “if a small group of people is allowed to play with fire on the Taiwan issue, it will inevitably pay a heavy price for it.” So is Biden a slip of the tongue or a change in US strategy?

In today’s Hongchao Watch Point, let’s talk about the truth and falsity of Biden’s Taiwan policy. Everyone is welcome to learn more in the member area of ​​YouLok. The URL of our membership website is http://muyangshow.com, and there is also http://youlucky.biz.

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